The Blue

Before the dawn,
Before the sun,
When the air is blue
And the night fades,

Before the alarm,
Before the coffee,
When the house is quiet
And only the birds converse,

That is when
I feel most whole,
Most truly me
Without you.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “The Blue”

  1. Floating out in the blue, nay the deep blue sea. My body is tired and a thought strikes me. Why is this sea called blue even at best it is green, but mostly all I see is a blackness as far as the horizon. My laugh at morbid thoughts…

  2. The sky is a blue square
    dotted with the green
    of boughs and branches
    from my window

    I keep telling myself
    it wont rain for the
    breeze is stiff
    and clouds wispy

    When i wake up
    the world is
    and the sky lead-gray

    the blue has gone.

  3. Sometimes, in the tiny moments between the hustle of work and the bustle of being a mom, I find myself floating, weightless, breath suspended, just for a moment… in the blue, where the bright lights of the day dim, just for a second, as though time has paused itself. And it’s there I find my self again, briefly, before life speeds back up and the world takes over once again.

  4. The low-cut, indigo blue dress clung to her curvaceous figure in a most seductive way. She looked at herself in the mirror as she remembered when she had bought it. It had been a happier time in her life then. Now she felt she was wearing blue on blue. Nothing had been the same since her separation from her husband, but she was determined to snap out of this funk that was engulfing her in the past two weeks. The invitation to the dinner party at her friend’s house could be the springboard for her new venture.

  5. It returned to me, slower, stealthier this time; I was unaware of its presence, for I believed that I had slain this monster. In a blink I was suffocating, sure to drown with arms flailing wildly about desperately grasping for a life line.

    This demon, one a creation of yours truly, is proving to be a worthy adversary; unrelenting is its hunger as it refuses to subside in devouring all within me that is whole.

    Alas, possibly the only course left is to rest my weary arms, and succome to the inevitable ending.

    Eternity is the tick of its clock, The Blue will never give up.

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