That’s My Tree

I get attached to trees. Especially trees I plant myself, although any tree might do. Sometimes when I go to places I lived before, I drive by my old house. Not because I care about the house, – I want to see my trees. A tree is a beautiful gift to the earth and the people around it. Not a bad legacy.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “That’s My Tree”

  1. The tree had not been planted by me . It was right there, standing fully grown and patient from the time I could remember. Yet , it was mine , ours rather.
    The low lying sturdy branches , and the dense foliage , a perfect camouflage for a game of hide and seek, for reading “forbidden books “( which meant story books during our childhood , don’t get ideas!!), or for an hour or so of introspection after a break up, dressing down and other reasons for teenage angst.
    Summers were specially good , as we each claimed a bough , and transformed it into a treasure trove of sorts , hiding our “treasures ” in the fork of the branches .

  2. I poured memories of the tree into me throughout my childhood. I remember climbing and falling from it. The scratches and the views. The scares of the strange creatures in it’s nooks and crannies. That’s my tree and is part of my life no matter how far away it is from me now or even if it still exist on that field. It will remain in my thoughts.

  3. Jasmine stopped at the bottom of the small hill and pointed excitedly, “That’s my tree!”

    She ran up to it and put her arms around the trunk. “See?” she said to her friend. “It has my initials on it. My father taught me how to carve them into the trunk when I was seven-years-old. Of course, they’re at a higher level now because of the tree’s growth.”

    “Wow…” her friend answered. “I’m surprised they haven’t chopped it down.”

    “Why would they?” Jasmine asked.

    “Because nowadays it seems to be an ongoing trend.”

    “Well, it’s still here. We should pack a lunch tomorrow and come and enjoy it right under its wonderful shade. It’ll be like paying homage to my tree.”

    “Great! Let’s go to the store and get what we’ll need,” her friend answered.

  4. We planted the magnolia tree in our backyard the year we wed. Like us, it was beginning a new life; and with proper care, attention and love it was sure to flourish.

    You’ve been gone fifteen years today, and our little magnolia tree towers above the roof line now.
    It’s even more beautiful than we imagined it would be, and when the south wind blows, I open the windows to the house and it’s sweet fragrance sweeps through every room.

    Then I can’t help but hurt again; I wish you were here.

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