Sidewalk Messages

Friendly messages scrawled in chalk on the sidewalk included “hi” in cursive. Amazed at seeing cursive from what I would presume is a child’s sidewalk art, I stopped and took a photo. You never know what kids are capable of learning without the help of public education, do you?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Sidewalk Messages”

  1. I like my knees. I study them sitting in the bathtub and read the sidewalk messages in the scars that crisscross my knee caps. “Live more deeply,” they admonish. “Remember what it was like to be young and immortal.”

  2. Karyn climbed atop the park bench in order to get a better view of the artist’s work. It was a series of sidewalk messages geared to living a drug-free life. He had chosen chalk as his medium, and the sidewalk had served as his canvas.

    A small group had already gathered around the artwork and by the comments overheard by Karyn, she surmised they were true art lovers. She sat on the bench and decided to wait until the artist completed his work before asking him for a picture next to his magnum opus.

  3. As I walk along I see messages on the sidewalk no one else seems to notice. I scuff here from a limping man. A paint chip there from a toppled bicycle. Each mark tells a story and the sidewalk is full of them for those with eyes to read their messages.

  4. Elliot shuffled about the rubble in disbelief, there was nothing left of his neighborhood. The tornado ripped every house off of their foundations and slung them with blind disregard.

    He wouldn’t have recognized the Thompson’s home, had it not been for the signed hand prints on the sidewalk; Paul, Tina, Avery and Merideth.

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