No floods here

I live in a very dry place. But I have family who live in the tornado/flood zone of Texas. I worry about the weather because they are in it. I worry about extreme weather because it’s just going to get worse as the planet warms and no one takes responsibility for stopping it from happening. Oil money does many things; the worst one is make people blind to the truth.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “No floods here”

  1. The news has reported that Texas has been slammed with floods that have left in its wake death and devastation. The changing weather patterns have caused havoc in the world, so much so, that the northern part of Mexico that borders Texas has also been affected by tornadoes leaving behind immense destruction and death. With this in mind, since we don’t know what can happen, we can never say there are no floods here.

  2. Extremes are good. We should always harness the power of nature. Not to restrain or control it, just to embrace it and enjoy the ride. Love everything about the world you live in, be it nature or human made. Humans are also part of nature. This is your time. There is no room for fear.

  3. I was waiting for some action in my assigned space. Not that I could do much I had only joined the ship a few weeks previously. I almost said boat; I caught myself that time, call it a boat and watch my chief go nuts over the terminology. The phone rang, as I picked it up I could hear the chief yelling about some broken pipes. “No, no flood here” I replied. Looking over at the door I saw the water come flooding through the crack I left to ear what was happening outside. “Guess I spoke too soon.” The chief sighed in exasperation. “Well grab a mop you are now a janitor.” He didn’t sound happy, but an order is an order so I got to it.

  4. The hot summer sun was receding and the promise of a cool evening lay in store. My wife and I decide to eat dinner on the balcony that overlooks the Green Belt.

    Celeste is a wondrous cook, the platter smells delicious. The rosemary baked chicken was the overriding fragrance, with the brussel sprouts and fresh home made bread blending together nicely in the light breeze. Sniff, sniff. What’s that? It couldn’t be. A clash of thunder and lightning shortly precluded a sudden deluge from the darkening sky.

    The all weather alert radio pierced the sounds from the storm, warning listeners of the coming of a severe flood.

    Celeste and I looked at each other in bewilderment, “but it NEVER floods here.”

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