A Hammer

The small metal case looked impenetrable. No seams, no screws, no way to get inside. What can you do with a failed hard drive?

She placed it on the sidewalk and knelt beside it with a hammer. Smashing into the device with a hammer gave her surprising joy. She held the hammer with both hands and bashed at the box with more vigor. Ahh, the case cracked. Inside was glistening metal waiting to be attacked. She attacked.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “A Hammer”

  1. poised and ready held back by a small latch that will move out of the way at any time. I feel excited beyond all reasonable limits. “Let me go, com on let me go, really I just can’t wait.” I just know the time is here what is holding all this up? the latch is sliding, it must finally be time. Yes, the ecstasy of release as I hit the stamp leaving an imprint on the book cover. My work done I return to my waiting place and see my work complete, or is it?

  2. The duty room bustled with activity. It was the time for “rounds.”
    Various specialists arrived with their own team, and demanded the attention of the nursing officers . Small groups of people, freshly bathed, perfumed and wearing crisply starched, and ironed uniforms , busied themselves .
    Someone, gloved-handed, labelled blood specimens diligently in a corner. A worried looking nurse hastily noted down changes in treatments of half a dozen patients, as told slowly and thoughtfully by the short, stocky and fair onco-physician, his juniors and interns, reverentially recording each biblical utterance , in their own note-pads.
    With gold-rimmed sparkling glasses perched on her nose, a matron watched the proceedings , hands on hips, an uncertain smile hovering on her thin ,pink, lip glossed lips, while pretending to be busy with a register.
    No one noticed the sudden appearance of a young , dark , moustachioed man at the doorstep. Clad in a lungi, and a tornvest, both his arms held something heavy behind his back.
    Wide -eyes bright with excitement, he grinned, revealing bloodied gums and teeth , and screamed , in chaste malayalam, “Who wants to be hammered ?” Swinging a heavy hammer and bringing it down with a ear-splitting crash on the nearest table , loaded with files. Files, papers , splinters and dust flew in all directions.
    Someone screamed , and then the deafening silence, as dust settled.

  3. Laurel went to get the hammer in the garage, but it wasn’t in its designated place, as usual; so she set out to find the culprit who never put things back where they belonged—her husband, Kyle. She was ready to give him a piece of her mind. Laurel searched the house, but Kyle was nowhere to be found. She went out to the shed with the thought he might be there looking for something he needed. He wasn’t there either, but she found the hammer she needed and when she picked it up, she noticed it had fresh blood on its face…

  4. Gary worked construction, as had his father. Like his father, Gary was a benevolent man, willing to lend a hand or tool to anyone in need. Hal promised to return Gary’s hammer when the weekend was over. “No sweat” Gary said, “Not like I’m gonna need it this weekend. Going camping with the family.”

    A mighty storm had been raging most of the day, traffic was unbearable. Gary, impatient with traffic and ready for his vacation, made a u-turn and sped off down a back road. Fowler Creek Bridge was submerged under a swift flowing river, Gary weighed crossing the water with sitting in stifling traffic. He gunned it.

    Four minutes later his small truck was on its side a mile down river and filling up with water. The doors wouldn’t open, too much pressure. He reached in the backseat, inside his toolbox was a….

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