The Water Cooler

I so seldom find real people in my personal life who share my taste in television. I have no real water cooler around which to discuss last night’s TV. So I’ve invented a virtual one. But last week at my granddaughter’s high school graduation, I discovered that everyone, including the grandkid, loves “Orange is the New Black.” Happy dance!

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “The Water Cooler”

  1. “Meet you at the water cooler.” Jack started to walk off but paused sensing my confusion at his invitation. “What?”
    “There is no water cooler around here what do you mean?”
    Jack came closer and whispered, “This being your first day I want to let you know about some of the bosses, but talking around here is likely to get you in trouble so let take a walk around the park where it is safer to talk.”

  2. “See, everything is dirty , filthy, and falling apart, since the time you have taken over.”
    “Yes , ma’am.”
    “You see those frayed curtains , they need stitching , and washing , for heaven’s sake.”

    “Yes , ma’am.”
    “See that water cooler , ”
    “Yes, ma’am.”
    “What is wrong with the water cooler ?”
    “I don’t know ma’am.”
    “Don’t ma’am, ma’am me . girl, can’t you see how grimy it is ? All scales lining the insides .”
    “Yes , ma’am.”
    “Empty it and get Raman to scrub it clean .”
    “Yes Ma’am.”
    “And get him to add some bleach and scrub the taps too. They should shine , ok?”
    “Yes, ma’am .”

  3. Every Monday morning there was always a flurry of commotion around the water cooler. All you’d hear were stories about the happenings during the weekend—what this one did, what the other one didn’t do. It was nauseating at times, so Marie would try to be in her office before the group of gossipers started to congregate.

  4. If I could only talk. Kathy from accounting would certainly blush and rightfully so; really Kathy, is that acceptable adult behavior?!

    Jeff from….I’m not exactly sure what Jeff does here, he finds it amusing however to relieve the pressures of his gastrointestinal system while leaning heavily on me with his elbow. By the way Jeff, everyone knows its you, and please, please, go lean on the copier.

    I could go on because honestly, you are all sick people, excuse me for a moment; glug…glug…glug…glug.

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