Her competitive nature keeps her playing with me. I’m easy to beat so she wins a lot of the time. You might wonder why I keep playing with her if we are so mismatched. I’m not competitive. I play to play. Winning doesn’t matter. Therefore, we are a perfect game-playing couple. I enjoy the game, she enjoys the winning. Life is run on combinations like this – they don’t make much sense to outsiders, but they work for those on the inside.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Competitive”

  1. I know where this competitive streak in me comes from. Mommy Dearest instilled it, or instigated it, when my sisters and I were small. She pitted us three each against the other and made us compete for EVERY damn thing…her love and affection and everything on up. The one with the best grades in elementary school got the monetary prize, got her to pry open her wallet and wrench out a dollar. The other two got to get on all fours and say “I am shit”, so yeah, we’re competitive and have this batshit insane urge to tear the other down to feel better about ourselves. Now tell me, how come I’m the one seeing a shrink while my mother gets to enjoy her grandbabies like she never did anything wrong?

  2. “well what did you do this weekend? You look a mix of tired and excited.” I smile waiting to hear the story that comes with each Monday as Seth comes in.
    “I went camping with the family. It is good to see the kids freak out a bit when their batteries wear down and they have start telling us there is nothing to do. You?”
    “We went to the zoo on Saturday and Disneyland on Sunday.”
    Seth looked a bit annoyed, “Damn you always one upping me.”
    I get a laugh out of this, “Don’t be so competitive we both had good weekends.”

  3. Competitive-a word which never fails to give me inspiration whenever i hear it. A word that arouses a kind of feeling in me to take a break from this carefree attitude of enjoying life and have an introspection. To actually think what am i doing with my life..comparing and picturing if this is the life that i imagined having 5 years ago.I know within yourself that no matter where i am.. whenever i start..” if i don’t compete..someone will walk over me and take the lead.”
    Speaking of today..i think in a world that is constantly trying to change you..being the way you are..maintaining your own unique identity among a crowd that is rushing to be someone else is what i find the most competitive thing. That is what the real challenge is.

  4. Cris was as competitive in any task undertaken as any professional player would be about their sport. It was her nature, and she saw her assertiveness as a plus. She was always willing to dare; to her it was a challenge, and she loved challenges. Now she was faced with a romantic challenge, and for the first time, she didn’t know how to go about it. Whenever, Kevin, the object of her desire was near, her composure wavered, her thoughts became cloudy, as if her head was in a fog, and her language became nonsensical. He, on the other hand, didn’t even give her the time of day; something she wasn’t used to, but she was going to show him…

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