I Flip My Hair

I bent down and flipped my hair, dragging my fingers through the tangles and hoping to defeat some of the curls. When I straightened, I did the same finger comb through it from the front. That would have to do. I’d come out of the water with no comb or brush and no dry clothes. Maybe a little forethought before jumping into the river would have been a good thing, but forethought has never been my strong point.

I looked for Joseph. He was supposed to be waiting on the log where I’d put him.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “I Flip My Hair”

  1. I flip my hair. The entirety of characters bids me to cut it off. Medusa lives in my long locks. she persuades the good into bad. backwards first, Then forwards. So, I cut my hair; Run down the city street naked wearing my Anklet. This is why the locale village idiots call me “The Runner” I’m absurd. I cant wait to put my visible clothing back on. but I’m tired. so I grab a salad and a soda….
    Its no surprise that i have invisible clothing….
    Maybe this is funny. You decide.

  2. I flip my hair it seems ridiculous as I see the few strands lying on the pillow but i can’t help myself I use a finger to flip them over and over again wondering why these few have fled from their relatives on my scalp. After some time of staring at them in disbelief I reverently carry them to the trash receptacle wishing they could enjoy the air and sun sitting atop my head.

  3. Tonight was a night for celebration, fifteen years ago we said I do. You looked dashingly handsome in your tuxedo, and I in a slinky black dress felt as sexy as I did when we met.

    Reservations were made, the children were under Grandma’s care, we planned to steal the night and stoke the romance long ago stifled by work and worry.

    I flipped my hair aside exposing my nape and asked if you’d clasp my necklace. Something stirred within us both as you gently kissed behind my ear, a primal urge aching to be satisfied….

  4. Over the weekend I was watching reruns of “That Girl” an old program that ran from 1966 to 1971 starring Marlo Thomas. In the earlier programs, her hair was styled in a flip; obviously, the craze at the time, and it made me think of how I used to flip my hair. The whole premise of this sit-com and the styles of the time made me somewhat nostalgic, but I thoroughly enjoyed the episodes I was able to watch.

  5. She writhed from side to side , escaping her fingers. There was no escaping the determined care that the girl had come to bestow on the old woman . After a little while , the old woman calmed down , and let the younger girl , run her fingers through her hair , as a prelude to combing.

    The gray locks were matted , and stank, from months of neglect . She flipped the fibrous mass , this way and that . Oil, and lots of it. That was the answer. So the locks were oiled, fingers run through them . and then combed . That itself took two solid hours. The girl sighed at the sight of the dustbin , almost full of gray hair.

    The old lady sighed too. From relief , probably. Her hair had breathed in months . God bless the angel tending to her . Now , for shampoo. The girl sighed again. The task was onerous, but it had to be done .Some one peered guiltily through the doorway.

    Caring for an invalid mother -in-law , was bad enough, without complicating it further by turning her into a shuttlecock between two households.

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