At the Ranch

“Yeah, we took a motor home to the ranch. But we can’t start it because the kangaroo rats ate all the insulation off the wiring.”

“Wow, who knew rats would do that?”

“Well, everyone who lives out in that area knows. You have to learn to respect the kangaroo rats and the rattlesnakes if you’re going to be happy at the ranch.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “At the Ranch”

  1. My two brothers and three sisters were born and raised on Daddy’s ranch, we got our hands dirty planting and harvesting crops, raising pigs and chickens, and Daddy taught us all how to fish in a shallow creek that ran just on the edge of the property.

    I take the lessons I learned on that ranch with me in my busy life, I strive for honesty and integrity, and occasionally I go back and drop a line in that shallow creek at the edge of Daddy’s ranch.

  2. “This, This is a hobby farm.” I had arrived at the ranch just this morning. A half-hour drive later I finally met up with the owner. I laughed at his idea of scale the area of land was enormous.
    “Why do you live out here by yourself?”
    “Well missy, the best neighbors are ones far, far away.”

  3. Jake and Lucia had agreed to meet at the ranch. The romantic weekend they had been planning for a while would finally come to fruition. Jake had taken care of all the details. He wanted everything to turn out perfect or as close to perfection as could be humanly possible.

    He opened the small, velvet box, and the one-carat, marquise diamond ring came to life as it shimmered with the rays of the early morning sun. Jake smiled, closed the box and slipped it in the car’s glove compartment before starting the engine.

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