Baby, Baby

“All she wants is for me to have a baby. She doesn’t even notice that I’m with you when we visit and not a man. Baby, baby, baby. It’s all she talks about.” I shook my head.

“Look, she’s your mom. You need to visit.” She put her hand on my shoulder. It was calming and comforting. “Maybe this time you can come out to her. It might make her stop talking about babies.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Baby, Baby”

  1. baby, baby

    I’m closing in on thirty-eight and I remain a childless woman (cue the shocked gasps from whoever heard what I just said). Yes, everything works, yes, I’m physically capable of bearing a child. I just choose not to. I decided a long time ago, having been physically abused (by my mother) and sexually abused (by my maternal grandfather) that the cycle of abuse, lies, betrayals, the cycle of batshit crazy that exists within my family, must come to an end. And it ends with me, I am refusing to continue this, this…This whatever the fuck it is, Just because I CAN have a baby doesn’t mean I SHOULD.

  2. Baby….yeah…..mine

    Haley was startled awake, it was 2:13 am, Tom was talking in his sleep again. The last time she laid next to him eavesdropping on a dream, it was a woman named Charolette he was with, she asked Tom the following morning who she was, without looking at her, he said he’s never known a Charolette.

    Tonight she didn’t want to listen to his secret yearning, she wrapped her pillow around her head, muffling the extra-marital desires spoken by the only man she’d ever loved.

  3. My mother keeps asking me when she can expect to be a grandparent. This is the same woman who harped on about the evils of sex throughout my childhood. George and I decided I would focus on my career for now. Having a child sounds like a good idea but the maternity leave would mean setting back my career by at least a year. But a baby, baby, to have a little child to share our lives with is just so tempting.

  4. Whenever I hear Baby, Baby, I think of an Aretha Franklin song whose chorus line says: …Baby, Baby, Baby, I love you. It was a hit back in 1967. I remember how much I loved this song because of the rhythm it contained. Good old R&B sound that’s not as prevalent nowadays.

  5. “Baby,” said Jo. “I choose ‘baby.”
    “That’s the scariest word you can think of?” asked Lena, “Not tsunami or melanoma or rattlesnake?”
    “Nope. Babies scare me more than any of those things. Always have. I’m glad for the women who want them, but not me. Not now, not ever.”

  6. “Dont baby , baby me .”
    “Why ? I thought it was affectionate .”
    “No, it isn’t . It is condescending. Besides ,it reminds me of my own babies .”
    “So, you should be happy, “He turned his back and busied himself with the vegetable chopper.
    I felt mad enough to throw something sharp at him…..

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