The Speed of Thought

The world changes at the speed of thought. If you are having trouble tying your thoughts to the discussion of racism now going on in America, may I suggest the book “Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism” as a way to get your mind and thoughts closer to understanding.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “The Speed of Thought”

  1. Kyrill felt lonely and chatting with his wife, Natalya, all the way in Kiev gave him comfort. It would just be a matter of weeks before they would be finally reunited. The speed of thought was faster than his ability to get the words on the computer screen and frustration was beginning to set in. He tried to calm down and enjoy this time with her. It was better than nothing, at least, in was in real time, so he thanked God for the advances in technology; although the seven hour difference made it the middle of the night for him and daylight for Natalya. With a smile on his face, he thought: Soon we’d be in the same time zone…

  2. “The speed of thought,” that’s how we sell our world now. It’s all the rage among marketers and advertisers. Who cares about the quality of that thought. It doesn’t matter because another thought is already on its way. So before you can think that thought another thought to think is upon you.

  3. Sam sat confident in his ability. At the speed of thought he could bend others to his will. Granted afterwards his abuse of his power to control others would leave him a splitting headache, but it was worth it. . . normally.
    Two of Sam’s enemies entered to room flanking him. “Good luck with it this time” said the thug on his right.
    Sam started to swivel towards the voice, but before he could even get them in his line of sight a heavy blow landed across the back of his head.

  4. “My kids are going to ring up now.”
    She said with absolute finality.
    “How can you ….”He started off and stopped abruptly, an incredulous look on his face .
    “Rrrring, Rrrrrring”
    He stared at the screen and back at her .
    “Because I am a mother , and you are not.” She said smugly, thrusting her chin up in the air.
    She could hear their unspoken wishes , fathom their untold agonies, divine their thoughts with the speed of light.
    It was uncanny and creepy.
    This whole psychic thing.
    It would give him goosebumps.

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