Bare Chested

My water aerobics class is full of old farts like me. The men, of course, enter the water bare chested. Some of the men have bigger boobs than the women, but the women are all securely covered up. Some of the women have either only one or no boobs left at all, but have to be covered as if they did. Aren’t we a funny culture?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Bare Chested”

  1. He stands there bare chested for the whole subway car to see. His boobs are bigger than mine, nobody wants to see this old buzzard shirtless, especially when he’s sweating in the 90 degree June humidity. I’m sweating too goddamn it, but I’m female, so I have to be securely covered from chin to ankle lest someone sexually assault me & then say I was “asking for it”. But yeah, tell me again how men & women are equal.

  2. You were ripped, taught, rigid under your clothes. I can see the definition. The very definition of a man. Only later, much later, you pull away when I try to undo your shirt buttons. It was all a bare-chested lie, I know what you’re really made of.
    It’s OK, I say. You take off your Spanx and I’ll take off mine.

  3. “Oh my goodness, he’s bare chested,” Rhonda said.
    “Yeah he’s a really big guy, but he’s a little dumb,” Lulu said not really paying attention.
    “No, goofy, BARE not BEAR,” Rhonda replied, thinking that her sister was the dumb one.
    Rhonda turned to see Lulu balancing a quarter on her nose.

  4. I stared at her, bare chested, magnificently ridiculous. With the sun behind her she looked like a battleship rather than a maiden of peace. Her pendant hung between her breasts, swaying as she did, all the while muttering her silly incantations.

    ‘Freda, can we go now?’, I asked embarrassed.

  5. There was something different, special even, the way an early Sunday morning’s light filtered through the bedroom windows, enchanting the garage sale art on the walls, giving it a credence unseen on any other day.

    You begin to stir just as the sunlight breaks above the tree line, pierces through the bedside window blinds and warms your bare chest.

  6. Sally always enjoyed going bare chested on the beach. She just despised tan lines and figured if she was going to risk skin cancer that she would like a nice even tan all over. Each days after returning from the beach she would take a shower and stare despondently at the tan lines around her hips. The tan lines reminded her of some old ads of a dog pulling down a child’s suit.

  7. As Olivia walked past the lifeguard’s post, she noticed he was bare-chested and not using his usual tank top. She continued walking but couldn’t take her eyes off him. She wished she had eyes in the back of her head so he wouldn’t see her ogling so shamelessly at his well-sculptured, sun-tanned and slightly hairy chest. She decided to plant herself at a close distance, diagonally from his post, giving her an unobstructed view. It was going to be a good day at the beach.

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