Like an improv star, she said yes to everything. She was 100% positive. She never gave a negative response. She never pointed out the reasons why someone else was wrong, mistaken, foolish or a moron. She simply went forward dealing with everything in the best way she could. She saved me. She made my life possible in a negative world. She reprogrammed my brain.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Yes”

  1. YES, what an easy little thing to say, especially when you don’t mean it. As in when I was a child & my mother would beat me, and then I would have to tell her that, “Yes, I know you’re doing this for my own good” when in fact I never understood how her striking me with extension cords was for my own good (fuck, even as an adult, I don’t understand how that was for my own good). Or when she caught me smoking my first cigarette at age fourteen, and she didn’t like that one bit…smoking apparently wasn’t ladylike, wasn’t something she approved of. So I had to say that, “Yes, I promise I’ll never do it again,” while she stood there holding the extension cord, OR ELSE. It didn’t matter that I liked smoking cigarettes, that YES, I still to this day enjoy it (I know, it’s not a nice smell, it’s not ladylike, it’s not great for my health, but fuck you, it’s my body and I’ll decide what I put in it). So YES, what an easy little thing to say, and YES, I became one of those people who says things I don’t mean, and YES, that is a hard habit to break.

  2. We must all say yes to free speech, yes to reading, yes to expanding our minds, yes to taking the road less traveled, yes to working hard, yes to caring for others, yes to being ourselves, yes to finding our voice, yes to seeing the world through others eyes, including the villain in the story. Say yes.

  3. “I have plans of going to the movies tonight,” Marianna said, sitting on one of the rocking chairs in the living room.
    “May I go with you or will you come with me?” Steve said with a hangdog look on his face.
    “Are you asking me out on a date?” Marianna inquired, smiling.
    “What do you think?”
    “Well then, my answer to your question is yes and yes.”

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