A Funeral for Books

On “Orange is the New Black” they got bedbugs. The burned all the mattresses and all the books. The shelves in the library were empty, people. Tastee, Poussey and others who loved books held a funeral for the books. They used the ashes to fertilize a tree. What do you say at a funeral for books? You may know what they said on the show, but what would YOU say?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “A Funeral for Books”

  1. words, so dangerous, they heaped them into a bundle and fired them, been going on for centuries, when did they ever use wisdom anyway, book was talking his pal bookie, they were next in line for burning, bookie said to book, i wonder if there is a library in the sky, book sighed, well bookie, the writer of those books lives overhead, and he’ll have another book for us to fit into, just wait till you get there bookie, amen

  2. We are gathered here at this FUNERAL FOR BOOKS, not because the knowledge contained within the books has died or ceased to exist…No, said knowledge continues to exist and be relevant. No, we’re having this funeral for books because nobody reads anymore, everybody’s too goddamn busy looking at their phones, texting, playing angry birds, trying to hook up with somebody on Tinder or Grindr or what the fuck else. The saddest thing is you people don’t care that you’re killing books, murdering the written word, by refusing to read. So I’ll mourn the death of literature all by myself. Light the funeral pyre.

  3. It was a giant bonfire of books.
    An event so sad as no funeral can ever be .
    The legends say, the massive library took months to burn .
    Millions of words of wisdom turned to ashes.
    Thousands of tons of knowledge evaporated from
    the collective psyche .
    Scores of dialects , scripts and languages , rendered extinct.
    Monks , teachers, students and saints were all hounded, caught and exterminated, like roaches.
    The marauders sat in their saddles ,exulting at the scale of destruction , wrought by them.

    A university turned to dust.
    A powerhouse of saintly brotherhood , fed vultures for weeks .
    And the crows gathered in astounding numbers , hyenas laughed and jackals cried at the demise of Nalanda.

  4. A copy of Fahrenheit 451 was lying in the basket. The blinding fumes of the kerosene burned Guy’s nose. He pulled a box of matches from his back pocket and rubbed his finger along the side. He always liked wooden matches. He struck one and thought, “Funeral for a book” as he dropped it.

  5. To all the bibliophiles in our midst, we’re gathered here today to hold a funeral for books. This pile of ashes we see before us, is the sacred display of the unification of thousands of words that have gone up in smoke due to unforeseen circumstances. These books taught us about other lands, other people, other cultures, and other horizons that extended beyond our earthly boundaries. From them, we learned to appreciate great art and great writing. They will not be able to be replaced, but we can all be grateful for the great joy they once brought to us. Value all books you come across because they’re a bridge to expand our knowledge.

  6. Multi-tasking is the new attempt as a funeral for books. Now we can distract you in real time and hope the reduced attention span ensures you never actually read a story. Now you can listen to an audio book and ensure you can claim “reading” the story while not even paying attention.

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