Road Trip

Shiprock, NM

Do you get out on the highway for a road trip once in a while? I think it’s good for the spirit to get away from the buildings and concrete and asphalt and just drive through the country. It’s a reminder that cities are not the world, that traffic and urban sprawl and aren’t everything there is.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Road Trip”

  1. I’ve been on this highway so long, I’ve stopped listening to the radio, stopped the chatter of all things civilized. I hear the flip-flush of aerodynamics, the wind pushing against my vehicle; an unstoppable bullet, shot right out of hell. What noise… I can’t—I won’t go back this time.

  2. I am free on the road and also, at home. Moving from one immediate destination to the next, the true expression of the constant change that is life. I embrace change, as I chase the horizon that stays beyond my grasp. Sometimes, it is tantalizingly near and then suddenly very, far away.

  3. A distant castle, a timeless age, a far away mountain range and all those little hills on the way. Is it better to take the car ( so I can reach faster) or just walk across the fields, over valleys and hills and reach my destination ( so I can enjoy nature while I arrive )? I can’t decide. Both options sound delicious for a clear day, with plenty of time on my hand.

  4. I grabbed my book and sat down to get caught up. Barely managed to find my spot when the door slams open and, “Road trip! Come on buddy we are going to the mall, Sally from Chem is working tonight so I know you are in.” As much as I need to study the love of my life calls, then again she will be busy most the time. Think she will be upset if I bring my book?

  5. We’d been driving two days with the kids in the back seat; hot and churlish on Highway 37.
    Andrew looked beaten. Losing his father so suddenly knocked him for a loop.
    “Look, there’s the funeral parlour,” I said.
    In unison the girls both shouted, “I want vanilla, I want vanilla!”
    © Janni Styles

  6. In the Marine Corps, called road trips, “swoops” and they were intense. The intensity was derived from a long drive crammed into a short period of time. The most popular swoop was always the Camp Lejuene to New York swoop. Just think of it, North Carolina to New York City and back in a weekend.

  7. She looked forward to road trips.
    Driving through long , lonely stretches of asphalt, with trees , bushes , and the dust for company. The sun beating down on the car roof with all its ferocity, turning the little automobile into a mini-furnace.
    The windows had been rolled down and wind burst in, hot and dusty. Dust lay in a thick blanket , on her hair , face ,lips .She could taste the gritty saltiness when she ran her tongue over them .

  8. Natasha always took her dog on short road trips. He enjoyed them immensely, specially when the ride entailed going through towns. Once Natasha hit the highway, he would lie down and take short naps. Natasha figured he felt there was nothing interesting to see so he used this time to catch up on his z’s. His excitement started to peak once he sensed the car slowing down, and his excitement didn’t quit once he knew he was home.

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