Swallowed by the Forest

Here’s the deal. You park in one of the lots in the foothills. You follow the trail from that spot up into the forest. You stay on the trail and when you come back down, you’re at the right parking lot to find your car. So many people can’t do this. They get swallowed by the forest, lose the trail, wander around looking at birds or mushrooms. When they start downhill and exit the treeline they are far from where they started.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Swallowed by the Forest”

  1. There had been war in these woods once. Battle would never be fought here, but the men who had lain awake in these quonset huts, listening for sounds in the rain, hadn’t known that. The men were long gone now, taken first by the army transports, then by bad luck and old age. The quonsets would be the next to go, swallowed by the woods. Then the rust would creep in around the edges of their untold stories.

  2. wet. mossy. sweet. sticky sweat. enveloped me in an air of prehistoric ritual. running. hunting. i’m naked. my boobs free. are they boobs? there’s another name for my body in the forest. one, I don’t remember. I’ve forgotten the name for freedom. i’m the belly. the forest is the beast.

  3. We reached the end of the plains and stared ahead into the woods before us. Our scout climbed the tallest tree we could see nearby and quickly called out that there was no end of it in sight. On we walked into the forest. Many strange tales told that none who enter were seen again. The tales said the trees were alive and once you entered you were swallowed by the forest. If the stakes were not so high I would not walk another step. If we didn’t dare this adventure our lives were forfeit anyway.

  4. Janie awoke, ribs tender, head pounding, legs bound. She tried shaking the cobwebs from her mind; the blind date last night, Daniel bow tied and charming, the tall flute of raspberry cocktail, then….nothing.

    The sun streaked through giant Sequoias, the ground was hard and cold, her cries for help; swallowed by the forest.

  5. Hayley was in the midst of a black spruce forest and dusk was quickly approaching. Why had she steered from the designated trail? She knew it had been a big mistake. Fear was beginning to paralyze her so she tried to orient herself with the last rays of the sun. She needed to retrace her steps and find her way to the highway. She would not allow herself to be swallowed by the forest.

  6. The trail started abruptly.Huge boards declare-“Natural Conserve, Forest reserve.” But the forest remains unfrequented.
    From a macadam road to a dirt track, disappearing inside dense foliage , an unchecked tangle of vines and branches overhead, a pulsating green leafy odor, almost oppressive.
    One could hear the cars honking and racing past for some distance into the slippery mud-path, now increasingly obliterated by undergrowth, then there was this eerie silence, punctuated by your own heavy panting , and strange jungle sounds. The whistle, the tweet, the occasional call of an unseen bird, a rustle here , a snap there, your hair raised on end, as the forest swallows all signs , rules and shenanigans of civilization.

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