Play Like a Girl

The USA women's soccer team wins the World Cup.
The USA women’s soccer team wins the World Cup.

Strength, stamina, skill, determination: play like a girl, indeed. Sports are not my thing at all but I love watching women’s soccer. If there was an ideal woman that tweens and teens should aspire to emulate, it would be a soccer player. Strong, healthy, fit, with sweaty hair and no make up – absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Play Like a Girl”

  1. He said, “You play like a girl.” His sneer indicated I should be upset.
    “You mean with grace, poise and emotionally manipulation?”
    “See manipulation, tricks of a girl.”
    “Like the manipulation you are trying to work on me right now?” I walked away before he had time to figure out what I had said.

  2. Terrestrial nemesis clash
    upon lush pitches of grass
    For ner’ gladiator of old
    could foresee this battle unfold
    To overcome the odds so great
    they must unite as one this late
    For their sisters, their fanatics they bleed
    Lest they perish but not concede
    The world watched and stood amazed
    no more gallantly they could have played
    Yes atop this mountain they stand
    as sisters in victory hand in hand.

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