Oh, good grief

After the muffins were out of the oven and cooling on a rack, she turned to the sink and saw the strainer of blueberries, still sitting there draining. She turned back to the muffins – not exactly blueberry muffins. “Oh, good grief,” she said. She quickly tossed the blueberries into the trash. She would not admit her mistake to Fred. He’d never know.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Oh, good grief”

  1. Oh good grief ! Not again- did I have to travel with that person one more time. Oh good grief. It was bad enough having to sit next to her at work and listen to her constantly- now I would have to do it on my long journey home.
    Just my luck to have her with me on my final journey ! Might as well make friends with her.

  2. Oh good grief, I could have gave the other muffins to some homeless person. Blueberries, or not, they would have appreciated my efforts. I could use the appreciation and the good feeling of doing a kindness. Oh good grief, let’s just get this next batch finished before Fred comes home.

  3. “You have to see this video. I finally have evidence that the government is suppressing knowledge of alien civilizations.”
    “Really Steve, Again which web site did this one come from? The Onion?”
    “No this time it is for real.”
    “Hey Steve you see the publication date on this one… April first.”

  4. Good grief. Okay, so I’m supposed to enjoy or otherwise feel pleasure with my anguish?

    No, no, no; it’s an expression rooted in sarcasm meant to convey one’s awareness of some situational folly that they might directly or indirectly have caused or find themselves in the midst of; a phrase uttered in direct contradiction as you have so intuitively pointed out, so while a more correct term for such an incident might just be “grief”; “good grief” is yet understood by the whole of humanity for it’s ‘tongue in cheek’ meaning; thus.

    Oh, I understand now.

  5. ” You should cancel your train ticket and get an air ticket later on, you should stay longer.”

    “You hardly air-travel.”

    “Why are you so miserly , you are an officer’s wife !!”

    “You hardly behave like one .”
    Good grief!!Do I really have to undergo sibling bullying at my age ? What have I done? I should retort , saying , look here, I am looking after my mother, having come all that way, leaving my kids and home , because you are an irresponsible and undependable wreck of a daughter, despite living in the same city as my mother.
    Instead , I grinned like a masochistic baboon, that I always have been, according to my calling-a-spade-a-spade husband.

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