Turn it Over

“Look. Right there.” She pointed at the sky. “Turn that cloud over and it would look exactly like a dog. See?”

June look, twisted her head around in an attempt to see what her sister saw. Finally she said, “Yeah, look at that.” But she didn’t see it. She never could understand anything about May no matter how hard she tried.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Turn it Over”

  1. Reblogged this on PETRICHOR and commented:
    “Turn it over.” said my mom.
    “I can’t mom. I’m afraid I’m gonna ruin this omelet.”

    My mom sigh deeply and looked at me miserably. “How can you satisfy your future husband?”

    “I’m sorry mom your twenty and something daughter can’t cook properly and I will find somebody who can cook for me!” I said, with my big smile.

    Mom sigh again, more deeply.

  2. “Just turn it over,” whispered Little Brother. “Do it quick.”
    I poked the rotting mass of seaweed with a pale piece of driftwood,and like a long finger it slipped under the red kelp, then hit something , something hard. I pushed. The wooden finger was stuck.
    “Turn it,” he whispered.
    Then the mass suddenly came unglued from itself. It made a sucking noise and a piece of white slime hit Little Brother’s muddy jeans.

    The smell is what I can never forget.

  3. She turned over the papers. The black dotted line so innocuous yet so offensively was demanding her signature. Was this the end to their 10 years or did it end the moment she kissed another’s lips? Rather, was the end when she got caught in the embrace of a person not her husband?

  4. “I am coming tomorrow, to take her.”
    She digested this in silence , turning the words over and trying to see what lay underneath.
    “Hello!! Are you there?”
    What would be appropriate would be banging the phone down, severing the conversation, halfway across the globe, and ending this charade , an agonizing sorrow .
    Instead she braced herself and , pretending to be cheerful, said “We are looking forward to seeing you.”

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