Want to come over?

When I was upset, I always called her first. No matter what the problem was, I knew I would hear, “Want to come over?” come my way. And I did. I would go over to her kitchen where she would make me a cup of tea and let me talk through the problems of the day. I miss her so much. There was no other friend like her.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Want to come over?”

  1. I always like talking to people, but only from a distance because I know what will be next. “Want to come over?” as if our conversations were not good enough, as if my body was the validation of how long we could speak. “It’s just netflix.” But it’s not.

  2. She flashed me a come hither, want to come over smile. She made it obvious she wanted me, even playfully nipping. My heart beat in a terrific panic at the thought of how she wanted me. The blood coursed through my heart and limbs. As panic built, she moved in on me for the kill. God, she really wants me. The Mako shark moved in and clamped her jaws over my torso. The last thing I saw in my strangled panic was her eyes rolling over in ectasy.

  3. The doorbell rang loud and consistently .
    Urgent, demanding.
    You open the door a trifle later , and see her already moving away, with disappointment writ large.
    She was phenomenally impatient. When her eyes landed on you, she would jump up, whooping with joy, “want to come over / want me to come over ” written all over her childish face . She was a little girl trapped in a grown-up body.
    All her conversations would centre on dresses, extramarital affairs ( real and imaginary, about other people of , course ), feasts and serial killers. God!! How many tabloids had she consumed since morning.I would think, as I saw animation oozing through those rosy features and pudgy face ,baby-soft fingers , that had never done any hard work in her life , only made people slog.
    Sudden wave of disgust would wash over me . It was probably visible on my face , because she would stop mid-sentence , alarmed , and would ask , “Have you some task left ?”

  4. The last English class was done. In the office, the South African teacher was telling another story about her eccentric roommate who she often complained about but secretly admired. The look on her face told me everything. “Want to come over,” she asked. “We can drink wine and fall asleep.”

  5. From his prison cell, which was really a comfortable, underground abode for lying low, Chapo watched the news and heard Donald Trump ranting about people and situations he knew nothing about. “Want to come over, Donald?” He said to the screen. “Hmm, I think it’s time I handled some things…Gua-a-ard!”

  6. “Want to come over?”

    Kevin’s question was direct with no preambles, and the long pause on the other side of the handset was evidence of the impact it had caused. “Are you still there, Carly?”

    It was obvious Carly had been taken aback, and in a matter of seconds she experienced a heady sensation of elation accompanied by doubts and fear. She knew she had to tread carefully for he was a married man with no plans of leaving his wife. She also knew that if she acquiesced to his request, she would have to check her heart at the door, and this dilemma started to play out in her head…

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