The World is . . .

a sunrise
Sunrise photo by Virginia DeBolt

The world is going on without us. While we have our eyes on our screens with its outrage or its latest reality show or its current fantasy world full of beautiful people – the world is going on without us. Seasons change, the world turns, the sun rises, the plants proliferate, the waters run. We may eliminate ourselves with global warming, but the world will go on without us.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The World is . . .”

  1. The concrete jungle was getting to Peter. He thought to himself: “Nobody talks options, they just know the limitations.” The world is a place where you make money. Get up, puff your chest and compete. Get that dough. Buy that Gucci. And do it all again next week.

  2. The world is an ever-changing planet, otherwise, we wouldn’t be here right now. Cultural, social and climate changes have always had a direct impact on the world and its inhabitants. The wold has survived major cataclysmic events and has continued to turn without being thrown off its axis. It has existed for billions of years and doesn’t seem to be on the verge of destruction any time soon.

  3. “The world is what you perceive it to be , dear.”
    “What? No!!It is very much concrete, isn’t it? You, me , and the universe .”
    “All perceptions dear.” She smiled her smug, wrinkly, smile ; swaying at the sing song of her own words. eyes closed ,sitting in lotus position.
    He regarded her worriedly, then dismissed her from his mind”the old hag is daft!”
    Smiling at his own conclusion of all people holy and yoga-prone in his family, he concentrated on watching a hide and seek game between two squirrels , in the garden outside .
    The “old hag ” droned on about “deep breathings and mind- purifications ” but he had already shut her out from his brain.

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