You realize, don’t you, that in all of nature it’s the male who has to be beautiful in order to earn the attentions of a female?

Yeah, I heard that.

See, that’s the flaw in human DNA. It’s all messed up that females are the ones who have to put on a beautiful display. Men should be the ones in high heels, buying wrinkle creams and lyposuction.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Beauty”

  1. ha nice one. do you think its a flaw in human DNA or in society thinking that’s what we’ve got to do? Does DNA influence how we think? Or is it culture, tradition, and marketing? If we were left without these social ideas and proceeded by instinct would human females still do this?

  2. I think it’s a product of society because of what women have been lead to believe. There is a vast difference though in nature and human nature. Humans have the ability to transform and be something else, wear something else, showcase their class. That alone makes it more of a game to highlight what we are and that we are valuable. Sometimes I wish I was a peacock, just pretty feathers and the men prance around vying for my attention. However I wouldn’t want to be a female wolf in a pack of one alpha and five wives. How would I get attention then? Growl….expertly? Nature….is difficult.

  3. What have they done to us women here in the US…first they tell us beauty is “in the eye of the beholder”, whatever the hell THAT means. Then the goddamn feminists come along and say a woman shouldn’t be beholden to anyone. Well where’s the beauty in that, I’d like to know. The magazines set one standard for beauty, the feminists set another standard (not for or of beauty but rather for success), and my fat ass ends up caught between the moon and New York City, with nowhere to belong. That is to say, I’m not svelte enough, don’t have the perfect skin, to be one of those girls in the fashion magazines…but I’m not a CEO or the president of a company, so the feminists won’t tout me as a shining example of how to live. I say I’m beautiful, though, as I stand in the mirror and dress for brunch, because dammit I have to tell myself SOMETHING in order to get out of the house.

  4. True beauty comes from within. There are many people in the world who are endowed with physical beauty, yet spew ugliness when they interact with others by their mere words or actions. Beauty is gauged by what we see, but yet there are many people who are blind to it. We’re surrounded by the silent, ever-present and glorious beauty of nature, but how many of us truly stop to appreciate it? The sight of fresh fallen snow on a winter’s day covering the evergreens and tree branches as if sprinkled with powdered sugar; the magnificent and eerie hue covering an open field when a blue moon appears; the first rays of the sun breaking through the early clouds of dawn heralding a new day; these simply take your breath away…It does, in my case.

  5. When a teenager , in the midst of an animated conversation,
    catches your eye , and flashes you a grin of recognition,
    that is beauty.
    When the skies darken, on a sweltering sunny morning
    and pelts the dry, thirsty earth , raindrops drumming
    that is beauty.
    When the mynahs create a racket and,you spy, on dry wood
    a steel -grey, scaly, shiny, slithering snake with swaying hood
    that is beauty.
    When the smell of freshly brewed coffee greets you
    first thing in the morning ,and the taste awakens too
    that is beauty
    When a long lost friend decides to call you up
    and you are at a loss for words, all choked up
    that is beauty

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