I was in a bend in the trail about mid-way through the 10 K course. My job was to hand out orange slices. Behind me a thick stand of trees provided welcome shade.

In a quiet moment between runners, I heard thrashing in the trees. I could see nothing in there, but it sounded like something big. I made noise, jumped and sang, hoping to scare off whatever it was. Then . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Orange”

  1. I was watching a documentary a few weeks ago and found out that orange is the official color of Holland because it’s the color of the Dutch Royal Family. During soccer matches, you’ll be able to see the fans sporting orange, and this becomes more evident during World Cup games.

  2. He took off his shoes, then his belt and watch. About to go through security, an official approached, and gestured to the man’s sweatshirt. Startled, he reached into his sweatshirt’s front pouch, and took out an orange. Then another. And another. There were six in all!

  3. The grainy TV grab showed the road swathed in the colour orange . A lorry making its usual run to the factory had overturned and spilled its cargo on the highway.
    Millions of fragrant oranges squashed and ruined . The skins stuck, like orange confetti , to tyre treads of numerous cars going that way. Some had rolled down the hillside and now lay in small orange pools, in the valley , cushioned by foliage ,and blinking green and gold, as the sun rose.
    The air smelt of orange .

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