Go outside

Having a hard day? Go outside. Look at the sky, the clouds. Listen to the birds. Check out the flowers. Breathe. If you can take a walk, do that. The world is there, waiting to remind you that there is beauty and calm available outside.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Go outside”

  1. . Freedom only begins when you go outside. Leave the walls that bound you, leave the fear that has contained you, take the first step. Be bold, be brave; life is only lived when you go outside. Embrace the world, admire the light; what you are taught and what you learn.

  2. The sun comes up on my new Hawaiian home and I go outside to walk through the rain forest. I pick wild orchids and other flowers for my vase and find guavas growing plentifully by the side of the road. I live in a town called Paradise. Love.

  3. I can hardly wait, despite the high temps today. For ten years I have been creating “rooms” on my property while eliminating the need to mow lots of lawn. The East side of my home is very Zen with all shade plants, a stone bench where a Palace Guard Dog sculpture sits visible through the arched opening between two ornamental trees. The curving thyme pathis a spectacular show of mauve and soft to walk on. I continue along curving grass paths on the West side between a circular all white “Moon Garden”and a free-form pastel flower bed. At the rear of the garden the clematis covered arbor invites you to walk through and discover a fern garden where a graceful white statue of a ballet couple attract your eye and an ornate white bird cage hanging from an evergreen tree welcome you. On a hot day this is the most serene and inviting “room.” Walking outside through my gardens gives me the greatest pleasure and joy. Birds and butterflies abound! I’m going outside now.

  4. The meteorologist announced last night that today would be another scorchingly hot day. so, Loretta decided she wouldn’t go outside to do any gardening. She figured it would be a good day to clean out the walk-in closet that had been on her “To Do” list for such a long time. She had procrastinated enough.

    Halfway through her task, she discovered a small jewelry box that used to belong to her mother, and what a find it was for she found the 18K solid gold windup Juvenia watch her mother had used throughout her entire life. It was a priceless antique, and Loretta was sure they didn’t make them any more. She put the jewelry box on her dresser and went back to the walk in closet hoping to find another timeless treasure…

  5. “I don’t want to live forever.”
    “No one does.”
    “I want to die early, peacefully. This business of living is getting my goat.”
    “What are you talking about?”
    “I have seen great deal of human suffering within these walls. I don’t want to die bundled up in tubes, hooked to machines. I want to die quickly, quietly.”
    “What do you think you are ? A saint !!”
    “No, I am a sinner. A sinner par excellence.”
    “So why do you think you should be forgiven?”
    “I should not be . Hence the death wish.”

    Som breezed in right that moment. He had been eavesdropping, you could see it in his face. The slimy spy! How we loved to hate him !
    “Please leave the room. Go outside .”
    He barked aggressively, pointing a shaking finger at me ….

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