“There were a lot of catastrophes in that show, but, not really. I mean, the things that were supposed to be catastrophes were actually blessings. Well, sort of. You know?”

He nodded, not really listening, his phone hidden under the lip of the table held more interest.

“So, that’s how I feel about the results of the amniocentesis. It seems like a catastrophe, but it isn’t really.”

His eyes snapped up. “What results?”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Catastrophe”

  1. “So, Lauren and Alonzo,” I said to SuSu, “are they…”

    “Nooooooo,” SuSu shook her head, “she’s still with that psycho Danny.”

    “So then Alonzo’s single,” I said, “and he’s a handsome man.”

    “He certainly is,” SuSu said. “But what would your mother say if you brought a black guy home?”

    “Oh it’d be a catastrophe,” I said, “black man in her lilly white house, she couldn’t handle that. Might be enough to give her the stroke I’ve been wanting her to have.” I watched Alonzo across the room, “But he IS handsome,” I said again, “I just wanna climb him like a tree. It’d be worth the catastrophe.”

  2. The moment
    I woke up
    This is my life

    What a grand catastrophe.

    It came in waves
    some too strong to surface
    feeling the undertow
    keeping me
    from staying afloat.

    This is the world that I live in.
    The existence, I inhabit.

  3. It had been raining for everyday, for the past one week. Not that it was pouring most of the time . The skies would relent a few hours everyday, as if they were taking a break themselves.

    Then it would begin. The downpour , steady, massive . Occasionally , a tired cloud would utter a wee thunder. Mostly it was a ceaseless, almost noiseless, emptying of the skies.The TV called it a cloudburst. But there was no lightning and booming fireworks associated. It was a silent vengeance of the Gods.

    Shamis father was in a tizzy since morning. The supplies had dwindled, the markets flooded and closed. The water, like a desperate living thing had quietly seeped into the house, while everyone slept. The carpet was found floating on a bed of water , half an inch thick. The bathroom mats, having lost their moorings, were floating all over the place, so was Maa’s pink bunny slippers, its furry ends dripping comically wet.

    Shami’s annual function prize, a blue paper lantern was found in the kitchen, wedged between the twin gas cylinders, softly swaying as Shami waded up , in his wet pyjamas.He gently extricated the gift , its paper all soggy and torn, and said ,to himself-“Now, this is catastrophe.”

  4. Our world has been witness to many a catastrophe throughout its billions of years. As human beings inhabiting this wondrous planet, we’ve experienced not only certain cataclysmic events but also other life-altering positive ones that’ve occurred only during our short lifetime in comparison to that of the earth. It’s a known fact that during times of duress following a catastrophic event, people reach out to one another and act for the good of the whole. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if this behavior would be the goal of everyone on a day-to-day basis? One can only hope, right?

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