Favorite Food

It was one of those games where you have to reveal things about yourself. The question was “What’s your favorite food.”

“Bread,” I answered. There were hoots of laughter as they all shouted “BREAD” in shock.

“Not ice cream or chocolate?”

“No. Bread. Deal with it.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Favorite Food”

  1. I’m 85 for God’s sake and have gone through that MY favorite food thing over and over. I salivate over pasta, tomatoes, tomato sauce, some veggies, Prince Castle sliders as well as filet mignons. But what I really like are good escape novels, uplifting memoirs, challenging broadcast TV series with good meaty plots (generally mystery or intrigue).

  2. Hmmmm: May I have a favorite food for winter and one for summer? Because winter stirs up visions of comfort food like chicken soup with dumplings whereas summer makes me crave salads with cold drinks. My heart says, “I never met a potato or pasta I didn’t like!” I cannot resist the temptation of either any time of year. Yummy tummy!!

  3. “Good morning,” he said, his eyes like a deer’s in the headlights.
    “Hi, Devin!” She flashed a million-watt smile.
    “Will you go out to lunch with me today?” He looked terrified by his own words.
    “Sure! Where are we going?”
    “Umm, there’s this new juice place…”
    “Juice! That’s my favorite food!”

  4. Everyone has more than one favorite food. Mine happen to be: pizza, Cuban sandwiches, key lime pie and chocolate. My salivary glands start working overtime every time I think about these delectable edibles. Whenever I can, I indulge in any one of those.

  5. “Helllllloooooo! Welcome home , how was your day ?”
    Second offspring dumps her satchel , in reply, and makes a beeline to the dining table and the orange squash kept there.
    “What is for lunch?” A tired, breathless, red-faced-from-the-sun query.
    First one has just emerged from the bathroom, water dripping down the chin, in between gulps of orange ,gives over-the-juice-glass-top-enquiring-look.
    “Palak paneer and rajma.”
    “Nooooo!” Groans one .
    “Yesss”Another fist-pumps the air.
    “Why? I made both your favourite foods here!” I protest.
    “Mama , you can’t make two favourite dishes, It has to be one .” Some one offers teenage wisdom.
    One sits tiredly, arguing , in a hypoglycemic haze; other has galvanized into action , helping herself to gargantuan quantities of rice and rajma.
    Whoever said raising two children was easier than one , was either a moron or a con-artist.

  6. I saw a t-shirt that said “fries before guys.” I couldn’t help but laugh and impulse purchase it that second. I thought it was the perfect shirt for me; to proudly display my affection for my favorite food and my disdain for the male species simultaneously. I know I shouldn’t be so jaded at my age. I’m not a man hater or anything but heck, right now, I’d have a bucket crispy golden fries over making a meal out of a man any day.

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