Cover Up

We catch all sorts of public people in cover ups. Somehow their dirty secrets become known. But think about all of our curated lives these days – what we post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. We cover up our own failings and shortcomings in favor of posting the material that makes us look interesting and happy. It’s just that nobody cares enough about most of us to investigate our cover ups.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Cover Up”

  1. Fact. In my opinion cover-up is a genre of communication. It’s been around awhile as some proverbs seem to proclaim: “Oh, what tangled webs we weave….” being one of them. It’s universal also. We humans want to put ourselves in the best light we can. Only an Emperor can lead a parade naked and be praised as if he’s wearing the best in finery. Uncovering, whistle-blowing takes a child, an insignificant, someone with nothing to lose.

  2. Omar sat dejected in the lobby of the small town police plaza. He had a gut feeling that the authorities were not buying the story of his sighting a small, spherical and extremely bright unmanned aircraft that had whizzed by him as he was walking the dirt road into town. In the twilight, he had been able to discern certain details of the craft, and he relayed this to the authorities while they were fresh in his mind.

    The lack of concern on their faces alerted him to the fact that they didn’t believe him. He figured that whatever they found would be under the cloak of a cover up, but Omar had other plans…

  3. Don’t we all cover up? We wear a mantle of protection except possibly with our most loving partners and one or two friends. We’re all fragile creatures living in a fragile environment. We are losing our ability to build honest relationships with others by hiding behind Facebook, tweeting, etc. – isolating ourselves more and more. We find it impossible to disconnect from technology, to experience quiet moments of meditation and serenity so we need to “cover up.” We cover up so much that we forget how to uncover!

  4. She looked forward to night duties in icu. Especially, if Matron has been on the evening duty. All the paperwork would be done.
    She turned into the nursing station and found a packet of FFP(Fresh Frozen Plasma) lying on the trolley. “That is odd,” Minu thought.”I remember Sree telling me that it has already been administered to the meningioma patient in the fourth cubicle.”. The packet felt lukewarm, meaning it had been lying on the trolley , outside fridge, for quite some time. Spoilt. Shit.
    Minu raced to the fourth cubicle, her heart in the mouth , an alarm screaming in her head “what was that red IV fluid she saw in the cubicle , on her handing -taking rounds?” Almost instinctively, she knew the answer too-“Whole blood , for the thalassemic young girl in first cubicle.”
    “Oh God! Oh God!”
    Minu panted as she wrenched the connections apart. Too late!! The patient in fourth was gently twitching, frothing at the mouth, gasping and incoherently babbling.
    After anti-anaphylactic injections had saved the patient, She was in a huge quandary-“Should she cover up Matron’s apparent faux pas, or uncover her incompetence.”

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