The windows were still open. Soon I would have to close them against the day’s heat. I walked to the back and heard a strange ‘thunk, thunk’. There it was again. ‘Thunk, thunk.’

Peering around the back yard I finally spotted a roadrunner dipping its beak into the water in my sundial with a thunk. Happy to be the one to provide a drink at ground level, I realized for the first time that my sundial had a double purpose.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Roadrunner”

  1. Mention roadrunner and I think of the animated cartoon Roadrunner and then I think of the Southwest and of the novel I’m reading: a continuation of the Tony Hillerman Navaho police mysteries. It seems to me these detectives are always on the road, Roadrunners. They never rest until harmony is restored to the tribe, the community. I’m grateful Tony Hillerman’s daughter decided to continue her late father’s mission of respectfully illustrating one facet of Native American culture.

  2. Wylie Coyote and road runner.
    Wylie with all his acme gadgetry, and road runner with that frozen smile on the face .
    Wylie falling from the cliff with a boulder on its back, squelching him flat.
    Road runner raising one leg and whooshing off, trail -blazing.
    The simple story of victory of good over evil.
    Heart warming.

  3. Coyotes can actually run much faster than roadrunners but he was the bad guy in the cartoons of my childhood. So, he lost, every time. Often with an anvil squishing him to oblivion. Poor guy. If you think about it he was only doing what is natural to him but I guess that’s what Nat Geo’s for.

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