Morning Person

Are you that person? The one who strides energetically into the day, smiling and saying “Good morning” to everyone with enthusiasm? Or can you be that person with enough coffee inside you? If you take a bit longer to wake up, you may find the morning person irritating.

Take the fellow in the cubical next to me. He’s a morning person. He greets, he hums, he jiggles, he reads and responds to his email first thing. Most days I want to throw my expensive ergonomic office chair over the cubical wall and onto his head. But . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Morning Person”

  1. Yee Gads! Morning Person? Bah, humbug! That’s repulsive to me. My mother always said my “clock” was different as an infant.My days and nights were mixed up and they would keep me awake crying during the day in order to train me to sleep through the night. Ahah – I’ve always been a night person enjoying reading a good book at bedtime or, in the old days, catching the Johnny Carson Show or Late Show. Does anyone remember the Late, Late Show? Now that I’m retired I never make a morning appointment. Only things that can get me going in the morning are funerals or early flights to some delightful vacation spot. I luxuriate in waking up when I please to have my morning cup of coffee while reading the news and checking my e-mails until it’s time to take my pooch for a walk on the beach. That’s living!

  2. How many people are like me? I’m a perpetual morning person who awakens with renewed energy and humor and plans but morning changes with the seasons. It morphs, depending on when and how much light greets me upon rising. Morning can and does often arrive at 5:30 a.m. in Summer but at 7:30 a.m. or after in Winter (even then I long for “five minutes more” of sleep.) As with absolutely everything else in this life, being a morning person is relative. “Change is the new normal.”

  3. I think maybe I USED TO BE a “morning person”. That is to say for years I’d get up before the sun was even up, shower, do hair and makeup, and be at work before 8 AM. I was never HAPPY at the idea of being at work that early…but the sad reality was (or at least I thought it was) that if I wanted to continue to have a a job in this world where there are more candidates for employment than there are jobs for those candidates, I had to be the one who would ALWAYS be at the office early, the one who always stayed late, the one who said “No, it’s no problem, I WANT to work through lunch”. So maybe it was that I was just pretending to be a “morning person” all those years, doing what I thought I had to do to get by in the world. The TRUTH is that while I was busy being the one who showed up to work early & stayed late, and worked through lunch, the boss’ stepsister got the raise while I got a big nothing, or the lazy co-worker’s work somehow ended up on MY desk because “You’re so efficient”, meanwhile the lazy co-worker still collected a paycheck for doing zilch.

    In the end, I was FIRED for going on an alcohol-fueled rant, in the middle of the office, about the fact that the boss’ stepsister got the raise & the lazy co-worker collected a paycheck for doing zilch, while I was working my ass off. The thing is, when you go on an alcohol-fueled rant at the office in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, they tell you to clean out your desk and get the fuck out. And when, in cleaning out your desk, you open the bottom drawer to collect the bottle of GIN you’ve been hiding there for, well, those stressful moments at work, and they SEE that you have a bottle of gin, well, that’s when they say you’re an alcoholic and that not only are you fired, but they’ll make damn sure you never work anywhere again (because when a prospective employer calls them for a reference, they’re going to say “bottle of gin in the bottom drawer” and that’ll be that).

    So no, I’m not a morning person anymore.

  4. Being a mother, more or less, forces you to be a morning person. How can you frown at the sweet smiley face, gurgling behind a pacifier. You can’t help but shake off the morning grogginess and recover your soul from the depths of nightmares, just to make his smile last all morning. Then you drag your ass to the shower and attempt to make yourself look somewhat human before stumbling in to the florescent lights of your office to find endless emails of edits to your work and cold coffee. Thank goodness for sweet co-workers that drop compliments about your hair as they pass by.

  5. It was one of those autumn mornings that you never wanted to end. There were droplets of rain on the window, and the colors of fall leaves graced the muddied earth, just outside the cabin. The sun was muted by cumulus in the sky and solid pools of bight blue peaked just behind them. I loved escaping to the mountains with him. I lay awake for a few minutes in the warmth of our long night. He inhaled the crisp air that was funneling through the crack of the bedroom window. He turned and in my ear said, “are you a morning person?” I grinned before meeting his lips with mine. Must be the elevation.

  6. Claudia had never been a morning person, It had been always the contrary—she was a confirmed “nightowl.” She would stagger to work, which didn’t make matters better, if you know what I mean, and perfunctorily performed what was required of her. Her peak time was attained after dinner.

    Claudia’s time was her own from there, and she would go on book reading binges or TV watching marathons. Morning was not a welcomed visitor in her household especially if they were rainy ones.

  7. Oh yes!

    5 am. Sharp. The alarm goes off. Yawn. Milk truck arrives.
    Switch on the geyser for kids bath.
    Yoga on the mat.

    5.30 Wake up the kids. Pack their tiffins , fill water bottles, make cold coffee.
    Black coffee with fruit for the “Yogi”, and comb the younger one’s hair .
    Snatch her crumpled shirt and iron it.
    Someone needs a new shoe polish.

    6 .30 am Read the newspaper headlines, gulp coffee , make beds.
    Am I a morning person?

  8. I’m not a morning person, although sometimes I wish I was. I get angry when the alarm goes blaring off, right there in my ear. Why do I sit it so close to my bed, leaving my head and ears ringing early in the morning. Yeah, I’m not one.

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