Virus Protector

The virus protector was heavy and awkward on my head. The breathing tube made my mouth dry. I hated wearing it. I was out of the city, high in the mountains, away from all human activity. Surely it would be safe to breath the unfiltered air. Just once, to be free, to breath normally when outside. I switched it off and raised it over my head.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Virus Protector”

  1. The bulky, white virus protector positive-pressure suit Drake was wearing while inside the CDC’s Biosafety Level 4 Containment Lab caused him to move in an awkward fashion—as if in slow-motion. He had become more adept at donning it and removing it, but still had to master the fine movement maneuvers that would make his actions less mechanical.

    He knew he had to be extremely careful since he was working with an extremely dangerous virus—the Marburg virus—causative agent of a viral hemorrhagic-type fever in human and non-human primates. The Center had received a new strain, and Drake had been designated to study it under the electron microscope. As he sat to prepare the microscope, he heard a hissing sound. Thinking it was a swish of air being introduced into his suit, he continued to work, but saw his suit was slowly deflating. His suit had a leak, and he quickly hit the red EMERGENCY alert button on the microscope table.

    Drake jerkily made his way to the lab’s exit door and positioned himself in front of it. As he looked through the glass partition, the panic that invaded him was evident on his face. The door wasn’t opening. The same desperate expression also appeared on the technician’s face on the other side of the glass. The door was jammed, and they could hear Drake as he pounded on the glass yelling from the other side in desperation, “ACTIVATE THE SPECIFIC FACILITIES OPERATION EMERGENCY PROTOCOL! ACTIVATE THE SPECIFIC FACILITIES OPERATION EMERGENCY PROTOCOL!”

  2. “Virus protector?” What’s a virus protector? It’s heavy and clumsy? Given that evidence it must be something other than the one thing that comes to my mind. That one thing is a computer something that protects from viruses. I’ve never come to grips with a tangible virus protector and I sure don’t even want to think about computer viruses. I want them as far away from me as possible. They’re mean critters….

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