Please Remit

It was such a depressing day. Then she opened the mail – the hospital bill. It was several pages long. At the bottom where it said “Please Remit” the number was probably more money than she would make in her lifetime. She wondered briefly if they would let her pay it off at $50 a month. Then she put “The Sound of Music” on her stereo at full volume. She laid on the couch and tried to think good thoughts.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Please Remit”

  1. “Please remit” are words written on our hearts the moment we are born. Life is not only a gift. It’s something we creatures give to each other. Evolution teaches us that. Solidarity teaches us that. Attraction and its practice is the reason why humans including ourselves are even here now. Return the favor. Please remit….

  2. Gail saw the return address on the envelope she had retrieved from the mailbox. She held the letter in her trembling hand while grappling with the rattling thoughts in her head—Should I read it or shred it? The ambivalence made her angry. Angry that she was so indecisive in what she needed to do.

    She entered her home, got her car keys and drove to the post-office. “Can you please remit this letter to the sender?” She asked the clerk as she stepped in front of the counter.

  3. Your life was loaned to you
    for a finite period of time
    After you have lived
    please remit.

    Your kids were given to you
    for few years , to nurture
    feed, comb , and clean
    enjoy their company
    and then
    please remit

    Your spouse
    Your job
    Your health
    Your vision
    Your limbs
    everything is loaned to you
    time bound
    please remit

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