What is the best way to refresh yourself when you’re hot, tired, and thirsty? A shower and a very cold beer? A lemonade and a splash of water on your face? I favor a big class of water and a few minutes on the floor in that exact spot where the air conditioner blows a blast of cold air. I think the secret is getting liquid inside yourself, no matter how you do that.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Refresh”

  1. Sometimes, capturing what’s going on in my bubbling brain is the absolute best way to refresh myself. For instance, when planning a new venture or finding the hook for the topic of an article I feel strongly about I have to mentally disengage from all else, even some part of the seven hours of sleep that professionals insist upon nowadays. The key to refreshment is allowing it time, space, access.

  2. “Hot, tired and thirsty!” In the days when I had a swimming pool, after mowing the lawn I would leap into the pool, clothes and all. Then I’d go into the house and take an icy cold Miller’s Light bottle out of the frig and take that first incredibly satisfying sip. As we all know, it’s the first sip of something you drink that gives the greatest degree of pleasure. Now that I no longer have a pool, I run, taking my clothes off as I go, to the first floor shower which is close to the rear entry. There the cool water flows over me and I relish any sweet droplets that fall into my mouth. My imagination visualizes a cool waterfall in a beautiful serene green forest, I dry off with the softest of towels and puff scented powder on myself. That almost makes mowing fun. I did say “almost,” didn’t I?

  3. Breathe in deep through the nose, count one, two, three. Breathe out through the mouth, count to six. Loiter in the space where your lungs are deflated. Splash some water on the face and neck. This game never ends. It’s just variance. Sit back down. Pocket Aces, raise!

  4. You would think a month away would refresh the spirits and make way for inspiration to bubble to the surface. After a break, old habits need to be re-implemented. Onward and upward, let’s reform habits and this time in a better way.

  5. The day was hot and humid. Drew filled the kiddie swimming pool while her dog, Tristan, sat patiently watching her. It was on days like these he enjoyed jumping in and out of the water to refresh himself from the sweltering heat. For him, it was his summer treat while his winter treat consisted of rolling around in fresh-fallen snow.

  6. New challenges. New opportunities. New semester. It’s time to refresh the mind after a summer lull and open, yet again, to the opportunity of learning. Soon there will be crispness to the air; soon there will be pumpkin spice lattes, but now there is a cool, clean refreshing of possibility.

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