When she felt good she liked to say she was walking on sunshine. When she felt down she would hum ‘ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.’ She lived in a state with over 300 days a year of sunshine and she couldn’t image living in a place that was cloudy and rainy most of the time. The truth was, she truly ran on sunshine. Which was why  . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Sunshine”

  1. Imagine staying for any length of time in Beijing where smog rules day and night. Loyalists save face when staging important events by going to extraordinary lengths to allow presence of sunshine and breathable air. After world figures leave and after global media fixation is over normalcy returns: smog, fog , dangerous pollution counts.

  2. When my daughter was born it took quite a few arguments before my wife allowed her to be named Sunshine. In hindsight, she may have been correct. Sunshine is in a constant state of depression from the age of 11. I certainly hope this is the normal teenage stage of being misunderstood, as I would hate to think of a miserable person going through life being named Sunshine.

  3. Living in the tropics we tend to take sunshine for granted.
    The real appreciation for sunshine comes, when it is scant ,
    as in winter, when the fog rules.
    Sun rises at noontime , and vanishes again in no time behind a bank of cloudy fog.
    Sunshine warms and dries. It brings happiness to gray , sodden days full of dark chill.
    Prolonged absence of sunshine is known to precipitate a depressive condition called SAD( Seasonal Affective Disorder).Thus , sunshine equals to exhilaration .

  4. He called me “Sunshine.” That’s when we first met. It was instant attraction. The first man I became involved with after my divorce. He was charming. Loved playing host. Was an excellent cook and knew which wine went with which entrée. Loved tromping on hikes through the woods with me. Enjoyed classical music. Mid-way through our relationship he began calling me “My Sunshine.” He became overly possessive and didn’t even like it if I tried to read a book when I was spending any length of time with him. Eventually, near the end of our relationship he stopped calling me anything. I wasn’t quite the upbeat and smiling happy woman he first met. He was unhappy with me. He was displeased with me. He browbeat me. What lesson did I learn? He was the type of male who couldn’t wait to break down “Sunshine” women emotionally. He excelled at it. Thank goodness it wasn’t permanent. I’m back to being “Sunshine.”

  5. I just saw a commercial that stated: Must be the sunshine. Visit Florida. Since Florida’s nickname is the “Sunshine State,” I thought it was a catchy slogan. Sunshine attracts. It lifts our mood. It provides warmth and light and it plays a major role in nature. I love sunny days but also its counterpart—rainy ones.

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