It’s a special skill, being able to work with beginners. To recall how it was when you didn’t know anything and everything was a question. Sometimes people who are really good at things are terrible at teaching those things. So when I signed up the learn to code, I looked for . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Beginners”

  1. Just the other day my nephew shared with me something from Martin Buber: “To be old can be glorious if one has not unlearned how to begin.” I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Each dawn calls us as beginners no matter what our age, state in life or health for that matter. Evolution, change (the new normal) in this 21st century daily challenge every one of us to learn beginning all over again. How glorious!

  2. “This volleyball game is NOT for beginners,” Diana, the woman who organizes the Bay Ridge co-ed volleyball league informed me, “so please don’t come back again.”

    WOW, I thought, she’s a pull-no-punches kind of person. I mean, I know I never played volleyball before, and at the ripe old age of 38, I’m not in prime physical condition (I’m more out of shape and pathologically uncoordinated) but I figured taking up a sport would be good exercise and a good way to meet new people. It might also be the kick in the ass I need to quit smoking. So I showed up there last week, and I admitted that YES, when it comes to volleyball, I’m a beginner, and I tried my best (as opposed to decades ago in gym class when I tried to fake my time of the month so I could be excused from participation) and I made sure I was nice to everyone. Apparently, that wasn’t enough. Those people play hard, they play to win, and I’m not cut for that.

  3. Beginners who want to learn are the funnest people there are. They are not biased because they do not know how to be biased; their knowledge is a fresh, untainted blank page. They are interested, ready and anticipatory. They do not have a skewed habit or mistaken base of information because they have not been misled by incorrect methodology.
    I am a teacher of education and piano and I enjoy beginners very much. Putting a brand new person into the water for the first time, introducing them to reading by modeling it, or leading someone into an understanding of how to enjoy music is one of life’s greatest thrills! Hats off to beginners! They are the greatest!

  4. I love the rush and excitement of being a beginner. Absolutely thrilling to be learning something. I’ve always been that way and still am now, regardless of my age. As a matter of fact, I’ve been searching in my little corner of the world for an art or music teacher to guide me for a couple of years now. Unfortunately, there isn’t much available where I live. Very disappointing. I’ve tried senior college courses and prefer private or small class tutoring. The senior college courses haven’t been very well executed and, at times, are overpopulated with too much of a mix of beginners to moderate to very experienced wannabes. Oh, I’m definitely a beginner and I wannabe taught. I’m definitely hoping to find someone who will take me on as a student.

  5. Everything in life has a beginning and we’re all beginners every single day of our lives. It’s a constant cycle where we’re all caught in the circadian cycle of each day. In a sense, we’re all beginners every single day.

  6. There is this ad for life insurance that exhorts -“this should have been done, at the right time “, and shows a precocious eight year old diving from 10 ft, swimming breadths, doing laps with ease; while a middle aged , paunchy woman(like me ) in floats, watches from the edges, thrashing her legs, getting the hang of floating right.
    Why is the world focussed on the “perfect”?Why can’t we do things our way?At the “wrong time “,at the “wrong age ” and probably in a “wrong manner”?
    I was a very slow “beginner”. I learnt cycling at 29, after serious cajoling from a very persuasive and caring spouse, swimming at 32( much like the woman in the ad), and car driving at 34, after both my kids were already racing around in bicycles.

  7. The Johnny come lately religion was a pageant of excesses. No less the four priests walking across the water in flowing robes carrying censers and golden staffs. Shaun had just finished years of training and this was going to be his inaugural walking on the water. As the elder priest led the way Shaun waited feeling his stomach swim in anticipation. Shaun would throw up yet again, but there wasn’t anything left for that. His nerves almost made him miss his turn. Two steps out and Shaun trips over the hem of his robe and falls over and sinks under the holy water. As his head is about to go under the water he hears a small child snicker, “beginners.”

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