Postcard Views

Balloon fiesta balloons float near the Sandia Mts.

When I was in Italy, everything I looked at felt like it belonged on a postcard. Which is funny considering I live in a state that  is pretty much a postcard view everywhere you look. Whether you’re looking at a flat-topped mesa, a vast expanse of desert with a startling blue sky above it, or a dripping stalagmite far under the ground, it’s all scenic drive 101. Bring your camera and come visit.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

11 thoughts on “Postcard Views”

  1. When I was in Italy, I sent so many postcards back home it wasn’t funny. My mother worked so hard to afford to send me over there, I wanted her to see the gorgeous views I was seeing. She kept them all, in a big box in her bedroom. Twenty years after my trip to Italy, my youngest sister was in jail here in New York, in a tiny windowless cell. I got that box of postcards from Italy, and brought that with me one visit to my sister. I told her to hang up the postcards on her walls, so she could have some type of view.

  2. I love windermere lake the views from all around the lake are stunning and the water restful making one feel like the whole world is a wonderful peaceful place. Sitting back on a motor boat is heavenly, ducks and swans happily seeming to follow the boat, its a perfect place.

  3. The other day I read a comic strip in which the character yelled, “I’m going insane! Everyone stop sharing your instagram pictures of fake beach perfection!” Why do we need postcard views from elsewhere and another time when beauty and harmony reside in the here and now? Real rather than fake. It’s a matter of looking, listening, seeing, hearing = being present to our surroundings..

  4. There are many beautiful places everywhere in the world that can be considered postcard views. The truth of the matter is there are many in our own surroundings but how many of us really appreciate them? We need not go too far in order to experience them since nature, in all its splendor, provides many of them for our enjoyment.

    Take a closer look at the dew drops on the delicate petals of a summer rose; at the stunning autumnal foliage heralding the coming winter; at the dusting of the first snow on the evergreens and trees that form a canopy along a quiet street as you drive to your destination or at the first blossoms on a lilac bush redolent with its intense fragrance in the spring. All postcard views.

  5. “Escaping on a hot air balloon? Are you sure this is a good idea?”

    “Well, it’s not like we have any other choice, do we?”

    “Fine. But if we get caught, you’re the one who’s gonna pay.”

    Roger dipped his hand into his pocket. After fumbling around, and a bit of thinking, he said, “Deal.”

    Dennis slumped into the corner of the basket. He was feeling very airsick, and his knees were weak with acrophobia. He could feel the balloon continuously rising, and he had no idea how far above ground they already were, but he wasn’t willing to find out.

    Roger looked out of the basket. “I could see the tops of the hills from where we are. They won’t be able to catch us now.”

    “Oh God, help us,” Dennis muttered. He felt like crying into his hands, and puking into wherever. The beer that he had drunk with Roger, some forty bottles shared between them, was starting to bubble back through his esophagus.

  6. The way you look out the window early in the morning with such delight and wonder. The pasta sauce you manage to get all over your face and everywhere else, it’s a masterpiece. The light in your eyes when you experience learning something new or making someone else smile will never leave my mind. The sight of your every waking moment when we are together is framed, cropped and scrap booked and kept somewhere for me to access on the grimmest of days. You give me postcard views everyday and it’s how my creativity is fueled.

    1. This is so true: “The sight of your every waking moment when we are together is framed, cropped and scrap booked and kept somewhere for me to access on the grimmest of days.” Loved this!

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