Big Whoop

Yeah, I’m a pop culture junkie. So I was watching the Emmys. A couple of things made me happy. When women and men were in the same category, the women won. That was a big deal. And two women of color took the acting awards. Another big deal. My big whoop when the Emmys ended was heartfelt.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Big Whoop”

  1. Two women from very different backgrounds provided occasions for big whooping this weekend (Actually Snoopy dancing is more my style.). Interestingly both happened when accepting awards. Mercy Sr. Theresa Kane said, “Only radical (at the roots) gender equality in church and in society will begin to diminish the violence, hatred, and other forms of inhumanity in our world today.” Similarly, Viola Davis’ acceptance speech at the Emmy’s wrapped itself around, “You cannot win an Emmy for roles that simply are not there.” BIG whoop, ladies!

  2. “Hey guys, watch this one!” The tallest of the boys pointed from where he and the rest of his buddies were, and looked on as their next unsuspecting victim sat on their trap.

    “Prrrrtttt!” Out came the vibrating gassy noise from under the chair. Their latest victim, a tiny boy in long knee socks, became red with embarrassment as the rest of the class turned towards him. The mastermind and his gang tittered from their seats. He had been their sixth victim for the day, yet the trap didn’t fail to amuse them.

    “Oh look, it’s Sir Mike!” said one of the boys. “Let’s see what happens.”

    Sure enough, it was their history teacher… (continued at )

  3. The big whoop for me has been the beautiful weather we’ve been having in this part of the northeast in the past few days. Sunny with a cool breeze and no humidity. If we had weather like this year-round, I’m sure our moods would always be uplifted.

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