Something New

Well, life wasn’t working for her. It was time to try something new. But what? She didn’t know what or how to change. Then she realized that every possibility was open. Every choice was available. She sat down to make a list of things she loved, things she’d always wanted to do, things she’d always wanted to learn. Surely she’d find a direction in such a list.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Something New”

  1. Karl was bored with his life. He was a worker in a factory. He too worked like a machine there. Everyday pack some boxes, next day pack some boxes and the same for ages. He was always forced to do it every time. HE was quite bored and he needed something new.

  2. “Something old, SOMETHING NEW, something borrowed, something blue.” Lindsay was excited about getting married and wanted to follow tradition. Something new was the most difficult of the four. She mulled it over and over. Suggestions from her friends and family didn’t quite fit the bill as far as she was concerned. Certainly her marriage would launch something new – an entirely new way of life with her beloved. So much to think about. So much planning. She knew that she would arrive at a conclusion soon. Every night as she lay in bed she would think about “something new.” It was the last thought on her mind as she fell asleep. Lindsay was counting on having an answer appear in a dream very soon. She was confident it would be just right. It would be beautiful and unique – something new.

  3. Every day brings something new to all of us; a situation, a chance meeting, a phone call with some kind of news, etc., etc. The outcomes depend on how we handle whatever new thing comes our way.

  4. Comic strips very often are bearers of profound wisdom. For instance, the one titled “Prickly City” once played on the phrase, “Change is the new normal.” That stuck with me. It is an apt description of the time in which we live. Albert Einstein puts it another way: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.” Sanity, normality, then is change, is doing something new, is supporting those who are into “different” and produce something new instead of the “same ol’, same ol'” Change is the new normal, emerging as something new always and everywhere.

  5. I demand constant entertainment. Read a book? Pshaw. Watch a movie from last year? Nah. Last year’s video games are so passee. Straining oneself is for the pathetic masses. give me something new and make it really easy to consume.

  6. The days he lived his live on the free and easy were over. He had made mistakes, but some, some he regretts more than others. Briefly he looked around the small mettal container he had found himself 10 minutes ago. Never schould he have stolen those documents. All he felt was regrett.

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