Look Up


It’s magical when the balloons fly. They keep you looking up, inspecting the sky, craning your neck. Sometimes so close you could almost touch them. Sometimes drifting above you slowly, low enough to wave at the people in the gondola. Sometimes far off in the sky, framed by the craggy mountains, drifting over the river, heading for the horizon.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Look Up”

  1. It was a most beautiful evening. I was visiting my friend’s summer home at the top of a very large wooded hill. The family had removed trees in a small circular area where the house had been built facing a spring-fed pond and the valley below. My friend was one of four children. We were all outside enjoying a small fire and trying to outdo one another with scary stories. Finally, the fire died. We were tired after a full day of swimming and playing outdoors. Someone said, “let’s lie down on the grass so we can look up at the stars.” We lay in a circle. Oohs and aahs ensued. We became silent. It was magical. The sky was midnight blue. There were so many, many twinkling stars it looked as if a salt shaker had spilled over. It’s not easy to see such an evening display now because of all the street lights. It’s just not dark enough. I love to visualize that evening. I look up hopefully. I wish I had a magic wand. I’d make all the lights go out and look up once again hoping to see another incredible starry sky.

  2. “Look up” These are words to live by. Broom-Hilda would agree. Just yesterday her 3-cell comic strip read this way. She was conversing with a loan officer who asked about collateral. She said her broom was priceless. In the end you see her flying out the window looking up toward her next adventure. You simply cannot keep Broom-Hilda down. Yes, “Look up” are words to live by.. .

  3. Stuck.

    That’s how I feel sometimes in the middle of my struggles, weaknesses and failings. That’s what happens when I read about the latest floods, watch the stock market plunge, hear about the hundreds of thousands of migrants with nowhere to go.

    Then …

    I look …



  4. We trudged along the dank tunnel. My torch gave off a mild stench and provided a slight lighting to our surroundings. Keeping my eyes out for the slightest movements. I have been warned that something here would kill any who trespass. Looking all around me, careful not to slip or fall into any pits. Nothing. Literally there is nothing in here, maybe I should pick up the pace. I feel a breeze down my neck and look up just in time to see the knife slashing down.

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