The Dog Person


June smiled. “You’d like her,” she said. “She’s a dog person.”

I didn’t like June’s assumptions. One, I am not a dog person. Two, I am not attracted to dog persons. Three, dogs annoy me.

I thought about how to respond to this recommendation and finally said, “Oh, I’m a cat person myself.” It was a lie, but a lie that deflected any discussion of dogs.

But oh, no, she also knew some cat people she was sure I’d love.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “The Dog Person”

  1. Sometimes I hear the phrase, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” as a reminder that being neat and tidy is good. However, someone with a random bent like myself can never come up to that standard. I find it much more rational to accept that godliness and chaos companion each other.

    If you accept that logic than perhaps you can accept this: a dog person is a god person. Reversed, the letters of “dog” morph into “god”. Aren’t dogs often treated like little (big?) gods? Aren’t they worshipped, ministered to, reverenced? Aren’t they subjects of gifts, ritual and subservience? Don’t their minions receive a variety of relational rewards: tail wagging, jumping, slobber, warmth, licking, protection – antics of all kinds? Bottom line then: a dog/god person both gives and receives — a lot!

  2. I’m a total dog person. I’ve always had dogs Great companions. Great source of unconditional love. Yes, unconditional, and If you haven’t experience that kind of love from a dog, don’t expect it from a human being.

  3. Once again the term “dog person” indicates the person is in favor of dogs to the exclusion of other animals. I immediately envision a human being with dog ears and whiskers standing in front of me with arms bent showing me little paws instead of hands. Seems there have always been a good many friendly arguments over which is the better pet: dog or cat. I happen to be an animal person. I love animals. They all have positive and negative characteristics. When my miniature schnauzer died from lung cancer I thought I could actually feel pains in my heart. It was the most horrific experience seeing her suffer during the latter stages of the disease despite the drugs the vet dispensed. My husband and I were each doing research online regarding rescue miniature schnauzers without telling the other. We laughed when we discovered what we were doing. Although there is nothing as appealing as the scent of a new puppy, we decided to adopt a several years old rescue dog from Tennessee. She had been kept in a cage all of her short life simply for breeding purposes. She had never been groomed and had skin rashes. She never learned to play. We brought her home where she met our two cats adopted from an animal shelter. The fun we have watching all three is incomparable. Wonder of wonders, the jet black cat is madly in love with our silver schnauzer and bathes her and cuddles up for naps with her. They all get along beautifully. What can I say about our pooch? She, of course, thinks we are the world. They say dogs don’t like to be hugged or stared at. She happens to gaze at us lovingly. When she sits on my lap in the car she nuzzles her head against my chest and wants to be hugged. I think I like the term “rescue person” best.

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