No Cursing Allowed

For someone who grew up with cursing in the house, I’m able to toss off a long string of curses when the mood strikes. But I’ve always worked in places where no cursing was allowed. You have to police your mouth all day long in situations like that. It’s a relief to get in your car to go home in the evening and mutter, “Shit, shit, shit,” to make yourself feel better.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “No Cursing Allowed”

  1. i sit in the church pew and wait…the sick baby just upchucked so vile toxic goo all over me… i smile a sick but mute smile…i leave the building, never to return…because “no cursing allowed”

  2. #@%^! There: I’ve said it! There’s a joke about a mother yelling at her kids, “Goddamit, I said no cursing.” There was no cursing allowed at our home with the exception of grandfather who would blurt out a curse word in Polish every now and then when I was hanging around with him while he was at his workbench. Now that certainly is an effective way to curse without setting a bad example for youngsters. I always fondly remember him blurting the word out and use it today myself. Somehow saying son-of-a-bitch in Polish which translates to “dog’s blood” doesn’t sound as bad as son-of-a-bitch. My other favorite is “Ruska, Polska, Slovenska Apteka” which was printed on the glass window of the neighborhood old-fashioned drugstore. Translated it simply means “Russian, Polish, Slav Drugstore.” However, I learned as a smart-assed teenager to yell it out during any altercation and the other kid(s) thought I was cursing at them. It’s still useful when I’m driving and get upset with some idiot driving badly enough to cause an accident. I’m a believer that the expression lowers my blood pressure nicely. #@%%^!

    1. haha, like the joke about the mother. I never know why i swear when caught up in a moment of anger/pain (e.g. stubbing toe), it’s almost automatic

  3. When I was in college, I worked summers as a counselor at a day camp. The “campers” were actually day patients of a mental hospital (I shit you not). Kids ages seven through fourteen who were diagnosed with everything from ADHD to schizophrenia. The camp took them on day trips (a community pool, the movies, beach, etc) and provided free lunch, and juice. At the end of the day, the kids could take any leftover food and drink home. They came from low socioeconomic status, and for some, the food and drink provided by the camp was all they got. One day, a 7 year old’s mother told her to “take some apple juice” home for her and her brothers. The girl rooted around in the cooler, only to come up empty handed and then tell mom that “there’s no fucking apple, only orange”. I looked on as the mother slapped her across the mouth and told her, “No cursing allowed! It’s not ladylike. Someday you’re gonna want boys to think you’re pretty, and boys won’t think you’re pretty if you have a dirty fucking mouth!” The mother then grabbed up all the leftover orange juice, saw me looking at her, and promptly told me I could go fuck myself. No cursing allowed indeed.

  4. Dad owned a grocery store during Depression & WWII years. Profit margins for grocery stores are notoriously low. To counteract that Dad went daily to South Water Market to pick out and transport his own produce. I was the older of two girls. Dad was my hero. The people who frequented the store were not only customers, they were friends. I wanted nothing but to follow his footsteps in life. I knew about running the store from many different perspectives, but had never been to the Market. Repeatedly over a few years I asked to accompany him and was turned down every time. Finally he gave me a reason. The Market’s normal conversation was laced with cursing. Dad was from the old school. Cursing simply wasn’t meant for feminine ears. It was a case of “no cursing allowed” around his daughters so going to South Water Market was definitely and permanently out of the question.

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