Watch It

Her house was the biggest, so we decided to use it when we made our big move to be like the Golden Girls and share living space. She kept a floor fan in the living room and was always telling me to watch it when I passed by. Finally I asked her why it was there – surely it could be somewhere else that wasn’t so much in the way. She told me . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Watch It”

  1. To someone with balance problems, no matter the source, the words “Watch it.” are special. They could augur a throw rug without a rubber backing, an incline or something else obstructing the pathway. “Watch it” could point to a patch of unavoidable ice, a playful puppy even when on a leash (maybe especially on a leash). “Watch it” for us definitely connotes constant awareness as being fundamental for health. Awareness is an essential part of our every minute, every hour, every day. We’ve seen Doc’s prediction come true: “A fall is life-changing.” So we “watch it.” and we thank people kind enough to alert us to things unseen, unheard, unexpected.

  2. My mother excitedly calls out, “Here it comes. Watch it! You don’t want to miss it.” What fun watching the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade each year with my family. It was a tradition that created warm memories of kicking off Thanksgiving Day watching all the outstanding creations coming down the avenue. My brother and I would hold our breaths sometimes if it was a bit windy hoping the gigantic balloons wouldn’t take off on their own. “Watch it! Watch it! Is it going to blow away?” The drum beat of the marching bands and the blare of the brass horns inspired our feet to keep up the tempo in place. Finally when we were almost overwhelmed by vivid colors and music it was time to begin our long ride home to join the rest of our family for the traditional delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Exhausted and sated but the happiest of little children

  3. “Thump” He hit the low marble roof , as he entered the queen’s “Sheeshmahal”(the hall of mirrors).
    “Watch it!” Cried the garrulous guide, baring his tobacco-corroded teeth in solidarity.
    Too late! An angry purplish bump formed on the forehead. He looked in pain, and sheepish.
    How ever did people live in such rabbit-warrens , albeit , marbled, bejewelled and carpeted.
    He was thankful, he didn’t live then . Swishing down narrow passage ways, with the huge burden of silks, gold and swords. Not to mention no electricity, newspapers, or TV. Also no liberty and human rights.Ugh!

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