What’s Up, Doc?

I love those men who come into the hospital and try to pretend they are just there to have fun. They greet the doctors with a cheery, “What’s up, doc?” and flirt with the nurses. They tell their wives everything is fine and not to worry. They make jokes with their kids and play cards with their grandkids. But I see the truth when they think no one is watching, when they think they are alone. I see the truth that those are the men who need to be loved the most.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “What’s Up, Doc?”

  1. My father was one of those men–the men who play entertainer unto death. And so it was when he had his final heart attack. Still laughing on the way out yet in a quiet moment he took my mother’s hand and said, “I’ll miss you, Bonnie. And tell the kids I loved them all the same.”

  2. The trailers for “Star Wars Seventh Generation:The Force Awakens” are out. There’s already a shift in popular culture and when entirely morphed will stick around for a good long time. Some popular culture is really strong. Bugs Bunny and his ilk affected us oldies and how we spoke (still speak – some of us). Who, of a certain age, doesn’t recall a brash rabbit brandishing his carrot and greeting anyone he me with: “What’s up, Doc?” ? Who of that same age, doesn’t still, on occasion, use that same phrase when greeting one another? I happen to think that the phrase “Wha’ sup?” or “Wha’ zzup?” popularized by today’s people and the characters in the comic strip “Zits” is simply a knock-off of Bugs’ greeting. I miss the carrot though.

  3. Well, golly, gee!!! Isn’t it crazy? The only thing that pops right into my head is – BUGS BUNNY!!! Of course, he’s munching on his carrot and speaking to Elmer Fudd. Yee gads! I just cannot get that out of my mind. How is that I was so imprinted with that Walt Disney visual? And by God it’s a really cute visual that always makes me laugh. After all, I think there’s a lesson in it. Elmer Fudd was always so darned frustrated with Bugs. However, good old Bugs thought life was a lark and was totally carefree. Nothing much flustered him. While poor Elmer was always fussing and fuming Bugs was simply enjoying munching and crunching on that hard carrot. I should truly have let that wonderful lesson sink in early on. I didn’t. Therefore, I was foolish fussing and fuming just like Elmer Fudd – to no avail. Joke’s on me!

  4. I was a baby then. People used to queue and come from far off places and villages . All would be sullen , tired and sick, really sick.
    No one ever asked my father , “what’s up doc?”
    But they would smile at the sight of him. Some would touch his feet, or make an attempt to, despite their pain. Some would pay him some paltry sum , which they had brought along with them , sodden , tied in the corner of a dhoti or sari. Most didn’t .Couldn’t . They didn’t have the luxury to pay for whatever medical advice, or patient hearing that father gave them. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Father’s clinic was not well-equipped. He could not conduct surgeries , as there was no anaesthetic or sterile equipment . That bothered him to no end .

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