The Dark Time

Up here in the northern hemisphere we are about to go through the dark time of the year. To make matters worse, it’s usually cold and overcast even when a few dribbles of sun are shining. You can see why the ancients invented tales of Persephone and other characters who disappeared only to reappear with the light of spring. I miss the light when it goes.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

9 thoughts on “The Dark Time”

  1. My maternal Grandfather experienced the dark time of dementia (Alzheimer’s was not even dreamed of then). So did his children who were “responsible” for his care (such as it was in those days). My mother also entered into that dark time, but two things helped in the area of understanding. Mom was a realist and planner. Still cognizant and able to make sense of things Phil Donahue (the Dr. Phil of those times) interviewed the daughter of Rita Hayworth who’s goal was to make public the nature and growth of Alzheimer’s. She said, “Joan, I think I know now what’s wrong with me. I’m going to have to depend on you….” She faced her unknown dark time with mighty courage – and so did my sister who has also succumbed to dementia. Luckily both Mom and my sister lived when some medical support is available. We hear about “love stories” throughout the course of this terrible disease. Believe it. But each one occurs in the course of an incredible dark time. It’s the time of love being tested – over and over and over -“until death do us part.” .

  2. We live in a difficult world. There is darkness all around.

    Once years ago, my parents treated my husband and I to an all expenses paid New England bus tour trip with them. It was a blessing beyond belief. We saw sites in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. I remember all of it and developed over a hundred photos.
    While in New Hampshire, we were in a place peppered with trees. Every turn in the road revealed something breathtaking.
    I asked Mom, “Wouldn’t you like to live here, Mom?”
    “No way!” she said without hesitating.
    “What? Why not?”
    “Because the trees block out the sun. It would be dark all the time.”

    There is so much to be said about that.
    We moved to Tucson from Michigan when I was twelve, because doctors said I needed a warm, dry climate to be healed of my severe skin eczema It was a tremendous sacrifice to do this.
    But the frequency of the bright and sunny days are of such benefit that we came to love the area. It is rarely dark here, rarely gloomy. Even on our rainiest days, usually the sun peeks.
    I completely recovered from eczema, it is gone. it was gone in about two years.

    There has to be light in life or darkness takes over.

    My mother died in June this year. The absence of her beauty felt like darkness. Varying degrees of depression took me over for months.

    But eventually, the sun peeked through. In actuality, the sun was there all the time. But not for me. I could not feel it until one remarkable day in October when I turned a corner.

    “The Lord is my light, and my salvation,” says a Psalm. Our sun, our rescue. Another psalm says, “In Him is no darkness at all.”

    Darkness serves a purpose. The evil love the darkness, they dwell there and perform their dirty deeds, thinking they are hidden. But of course to God, there is no difference between the light an darkness. He can see without physical light being present.

    God’s design for darkness is not to provide a sanctuary to the evil. But to provide a contrast for us, that we might see our need of light. Also, darkness gives us a reprieve, a covering, a resting place from the brightness of the day, so we can sleep.

    The Dark Days may sometimes come. But know that God has not banished you to live there forever. Bright Days will return. Either way, He sees in both of them and He is with you.

  3. The dark time is each time you go through a horrible experience in your life. There is the feeling of hopelessness, pain, soul-searching, depression, and sometimes even illness because of the dark time. We all experience such wrenching periods in our lives. I have been there once too often. There were times I no longer wanted to live. I felt so alone. Eventually, after the tedious journey of working through the nightmare you are facing, life is always better than before. You cannot have sunk any lower so you begin your upswing. You’ve learned, albeit painfully, another lesson in life. You become even more sensitive than you were before. You’re aware of how tenuous life is. My grandmother always said, “don’t forget: after the rain the sun always shines.” Good to remember!

  4. They called it the dark time, if they ever talked about it at all, with averted eyes and hushed tones. It seemed to absolve them of the crime, of the blood, of the shame, to speak of it as if a great malevolent force out of this world had come upon them.

  5. “I really don’t get,” said Reena, as she slathered her hands with lotion, “why dark is always associated with evil, and light is always associated with good. Did you ever think about that, Neeza?”

    “Not really,” came Neeza’s reply. She was still powdering her cheeks a deep fuchsia pink. “It’s one of those things you just don’t have to think about, you know. It’s one of those obvious things.”

    “Well, I just think it’s kinda… prejudicial?”

    Neeza rolled her eyes. “Here we go again.” She dipped her wand into her mascara bottle. It made a slosh-slosh bubble sound. “Not everything is racist, you know.”

    Continued in

  6. If sleeping is the blank times of our life, then depressed times are the dark times. When a mood or extended period strikes, there seems to be no way out. Sadly these dark times ruin all too many lives. Don’t let it ruin yours.

  7. There would be no sleep for days all together.
    You would be engaged day in and day out
    in petty tasks,
    cleaning , feeding , helping to go to the toilet
    dressing cleaning,
    more feeding
    all the while attracting suspicious looks
    and grunts and
    complaints , dissatisfaction
    bitter cold
    no sun
    dark times

  8. I just really felt to share this, several years ago, I was in my lowest time with my walk in Christ. I feared my future and satan tried his best to destroy my life and relationship with God. I was at a desperate place, numb to my feelings and hurt to the deepest of my soul, I knew my life would never be the same. I had friends leave and ministry partners walk, I just knew my life would never be the same. I walked around for years in a silent painful ministry, preaching with a smile on my face, but inside my heart ripped out. I lost my identity of who I was and even questioned at times if God really loved me over some of my earthly relationships supposed to represent the love of Christ. The actions of others was totally different than what I read in the word of God, I just knew my life would never be the same. In reality, God released my pain, clipped my wings and let me soar in the highest heavens, with His wind on my face, I knew then my life was not the same, that’s right, He took “I just knew my life would never be the same”, to a beautiful place in Him , I never thought possible. Your biggest fall, wound, hurt and grieve, will be the greatest victory, the most anointed and the highest in God, you will ever experienced. Never give up, keep walking forward, life is to short to look back and dwell in the past and not live in joy and peace. Always remember, many can knock you down, but God will always give you the strength to get back up. Your life is never intended to stay the same!

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