Bath or Shower

“Why do you feel that you two need to split up?” The therapist was highly recommended for couples. This was our first visit.

“Well,” I answered, “most of it is the bath or shower question.” The therapist tilted her head in that listening pose. “When we met,” I said, “she swore she was a shower person. I’m a bath person. Now she wants to use the bathtub all the time. If she won’t take a shower while I’m in the tub, we have to get up 30 minutes earlier to both be ready for work on time. It’s a deal breaker.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Bath or Shower”

  1. “I mean,” I said to SuSu, “how do you ever know, when you meet someone, if you’re compatible?”
    “It’s the bath or shower question,” she said, “some people are bath people and others are shower people.”
    “You mean like ‘lights on or lights off’, that kinda thing,” I said, nodding along and thinking she was very wise. I’d never thought about it like that.
    I mean, at home, I SHOWER because it’s fast, it’s convenient, it gets me moving along to the next step, which is blowing out my hair & doing makeup, in less time. But take me to Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel, with the oversize bath tubs & I become a “lounge in the bath tub for an hour while smoking cigarettes” person, because, fuck it, I’m on vacation and everybody knows you don’t hurry when you’re on vacation. So I told all of this to SuSu, and she said,
    “Yeah, you’ll do what you have to do, but you’d really like to be the Queen of Sheba and lounge in the tub without a care in the world.” Is that such a terrible thing, I wonder…I mean, I can, I WILL, do what I have to do.

  2. “Bath or shower?” This question can arise only in so-called developed countries of the North. It’s even in process of change here as part of the new normal. We seem to love opposition, dualisms, either-or’s and the like. As words in a lyric go: “…One is not the other.” On most of this planet this choice simply doesn’t exist. A person uses what’s available, IF it’s available at all. Getting back to “advanced” countries, bath and shower have become one. Now the question in more modern motels/hotels morphed into “walk-in shower” or “bath and shower”? How long will this take to make it into ordinary living spaces Ordinary, that is, for us in Northern and Western hemispheres – It’s certainly not ordinary with those to whom “bath or shower?” is as foreign as “Ferrari or Porsche?”

  3. A bath for relaxing and lounging in the tub with bath salts after an extremely hectic day; a shower for an invigorating and quick sprinkle to get you going in the morning. We’re lucky we can have a choice.

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