Fall photo by Virginia DeBolt. All Rights Reserved

I felt relaxed, a welcome feeling after a stressful week. The fall colors in the park were a pleasure, a bright antidote to my nervous system. I stopped to photograph some leaves. I noticed something back in the brush, a smear of blue showing in what should have been a blur of yellow leaves. When I looked . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Fall”

  1. Maple trees proliferate while Oak trees gradually disappear in these United States. Some reasons I suspect are because Maples aren’t slow growers; their fall colors seem to be the ones we crave. Oaks, on the other hand, take a long time to morph as “mighty” from acorns and their fall foliage is a staid brown or auburn. According to the experts and futurists though unless we do something our descendants won’t have stately Oaks. Now – Fall – is the time to do something. Collect acorns; bury some; leave some for animals; distribute some to family friends. Insure a future with Oaks.

  2. The morning air was as crisp as the apple Meriweather picked up and bit into as she wandered through the farmer’s market.
    “Hey! No sampling the merchandise,” Mr. Smith said with a grin, “unless you’re planning on making me one of your famous fall harvest apple pies.”
    Meriweather nodded. “Cinnamon?”

  3. “A man canlose his honor and gain it back again,” I said, lighting a cigarette, “but a woman only has her reputation. If she should fall from grace, that’s it. The end. Finito.”
    “And you believe you fell from grace,” Dr. Ash said, scribbling notes, “whose grace?”
    “Everybody’s,” I said, “God’s grace, if there is a god, certainly my mother’s grace, that of anyone who knows my dirty secret.”

  4. The old man hoisted the scaffolding up by pulleys. Creaking and groaning slowly. He did this all alone anytime he needed to paint or repair the three story house. He was in his seventies and a slight man. This caused concern to his wife. She would stand at the side of the building next to the beautiful garden. Hands on her hips, she would stare up as the scaffold finally creaped up to the third story. “Don’t fall! Be careful. I don’t know why you insist on doing this job all by yourself.” She would nod her white haired head to and fro in disbelief. No – no he can’t still be stubbornly insisting on doing this foolish thing. She squinted her eyes almost blinded by the sunshine staring up at her husband of over fifty years.

  5. Fall. The time of the year where nature bursts with its splendid colors of orange, yellow, red and ochre. The ground is covered with all the fallen leaves and on a windy day you can actually see the leaves falling from the trees. It’s comparable to snow falling from the clouds; truly a wonderful sight. I love experiencing the changing seasons. It’s truly one of God’s gifts to us.

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