I’d Love That

What are the things you’d love? Something simple – a pain free day, perhaps. Something complicated – an end to fighting? Something inspiring – an education for all girls. How about a nice Thanksgiving with friends and family? I’d love that.

Please leave a comment with your first 50 words on the topic “I’d love that.”


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “I’d Love That”

  1. “OOOOOO, I’d love that.” I can be heard saying that over and over again anytime I’m visiting a garden center. I’d be hard pressed to find yet another spot in my gardens to plant something new. Yet, when I see and smell some gorgeous new plant I literally begin to drool. There are curving grass paths meandering through my manicured half acre. One can never guess what they will see as they walk along the paths. I am so, so bad that I can even be heard saying, “I’d love that!” when I see just the right shape and shade of rock to bring back home for a special area. Waitstaff have been known to giggle when I ask them to remember to give me a take home box for the oyster shells after my husband has lustfully devoured their contents. “I’d love that.” I’m not crazy. I’m a gardener. These will be added to my garden in a spot where the earth is always moist.

  2. As I age and infirmities make their presences known in various ways, one thing that doesn’t seem to want to go is a spontaneous “I’d ;love ——— that” at times. Usually the space is filled with the words “— to do”. For instance. I’d love to rock-climb.; I’d love to experience the vastness of Wyoming, the Grand Canyon. I’d love to visit my niece at foothills of mountains near Las Vegas. In Spring I’d love to get to a nursery or plant shop for annuals to beautify my balcony and provide table place gifts for visiting, friends. Believe me, there are lots more of these kinds of desires, but now they are totally dependent on others’ abilities, thoughtfulness, foresight and time. This combination doesn’t often come together. Therefore “I’d love that….” is now forevermore tied to gratitude for past good things and humor for today’s impossibilities..

  3. “I’d love that” she said as she felt light headed and her heart skipped a beat in anticipation of what he had just whispered into her ear while he held her in his strong arms. He always seemed to have the power to make her weak with longing. Sometimes she cursed that power, sometimes she immersed herself it in. Tonight would be the latter.

  4. “I’d love that,” I said, in reference to what Luke had just proposed (which was very naughty, indeed), “but you’re a married man, and I consider your wife a good enough friend of mine that I wouldn’t feel right betraying her, so FUCK NO, it’s not gonna happen. Do we understand each other?”
    “Come on,” he said, “just one time…she’s out in California filming a spot for a TV show, she doesn’t ever have to know.”
    “Yeah, you’re a pig of a man,” I answered, “and it’s bad enough that I know.”

  5. “Do you want to be friends?” he said.
    “Yes, I’d love that,” she replied.
    They both knew that, after he paid for the lunch and they left their failure of a date, they’d never see each other again.

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