The Winter Wardrobe

The magazines near the grocery store checkout were talking about winter wardrobes. It made me smile. Who can afford two wardrobes? My winter wardrobe is just like my summer wardrobe, but piled on deeper in several layers. I did find a . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “The Winter Wardrobe”

  1. sheep, they don’t have this problem she sighed, they get it naturally, she picked up the woolen sweater, that one, memory, he’d bought it for her,
    they were in college, she was in love, passing the macey’s store that evening, she looked at it, he smiled, it must be love, shit happens,
    na, won’t be wearing that again, i’m moving to Florida instead.

  2. Does anyone remember being dressed as a toddler in multiple layers of clothing topped by heavy wool jackets and itchy hand-knitted hats and gloves? My God! How we toddlers would bemoan the preparation involved in going outdoors during winter. The winter wardrobe was so heavy it dragged us down. We’d then have our heavy, clumsy boots put on. We could barely walk. Our gait would change from joyful skipping to burdensome plodding. Then like little Frankensteins we would stomp heavily, clumsily out the door. All of a sudden when we were outside and saw the snow and heard the click-click of the snow chains on tires driving by, we would forget about the winter wardrobe. We would simply be thrilled to be outside in the magic of winter. We would forget about the winter wardrobe completely.

  3. The magazines at the grocery store triumphantly announce this year’s “WINTER WARDROBE” as if I’m rich enough to scrap what I word last year and run out and buy all new everything. Who do they think I am? My winter wardrobe is jeans, sweaters, coats, and cute hats to hide bad hair days. I leave the $1,250 mohair dress to those living on Park Avenue.

  4. We’re entering the season when, along with all the appeals of the fashion industry to don a new winter wardrobe, we’re also reminded of those for whom “winter wardrobe” connotes nothing different from their day’s usual – except more of it. Pleas for hats, gloves, scarves, socks, shoes, blankets, abound along with those for food. Winter wardrobe, for the vulnerable among us, often means clothing themselves with a warm room and sitting down to a warm meal. I’m so blest to be able to help in providing a bit of this.

  5. The line moves slowly. The carts are full, with the long weekend coming up. Absent minded and a bit tired, I browse the covers of the magazines. One of them says “Winter Wardrobe” in big letters. Suddenly I feel cold. Time to get the heavy jacket out from the basement. Half-forgotten memories of cold, sunny days return. A voice interrupts my thoughts: “Are you sleeping, or what? Move on!” Suddenly wide awake, I turn around …

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