A Great Idea

Instead of barbecue sauce, she cooked her ribs with slices of bacon laid atop each rib. She didn’t think it was that creative or unusual, but when her guests bit into the ribs, they all exclaimed at length about what a great idea it was.

Maybe she could grow into a decent cook after all.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “A Great Idea”

  1. It was an exquisite winter night. Not too frigid. The moon shone brightly. Stars sprinkled the skies. She called up all their friends and invited them to the local golf course which was covered in pure unmarked white snow. “Bring hot chocolate, coffee, cookies, and sleds.” They all met at the agreed upon hour. There they were – adults dressed in colorful wool hats and mittens. Everyone brought sleds and goodies to eat and drink. There was much laughter sleighing down the golf course hills. There was a lot of humorous grumbling dragging their sleds back up to where the group convened to sip and nibble. Clearly, some had brought thermoses filled with mixed drinks for fortification. “What a great idea,” they all said. “We have to do this again!” Fifty-odd years later they still talk about that magical spontaneous fun night together.

  2. “I’ve got a great idea,” Sal announced, a Marlboro hanging out the corner of his mouth, “let’s drive out toRocky Point, we’ll have a bonfire on the beach and go skinny dipping.”
    “You’re out of your fucking mind,” I laughed, “it’s NOVEMBER and it’s two in the morning, and you’re not nearly sober enough to drive up the street, let alone out to Rocky Point.”
    “Oh come on,” he said, fiddling with his glass of whiskey, “it’ll be fun.”
    “Yeah but nah,” I said, “and gimme your fucking keys, you’re notfit to drive.”
    “You gonna drive me home…my truck’s a stick shift, you can’t drive a stick.”
    “Yeah well we’re talking a cab,” I told him, “your truck can sit in the parking lot until tomorrow.”
    “If they tow me,” he said, attempting to stand up, “it’s your ass.”
    “Yeah, Sal, if they tow you it’s my ass.” I took his walled out of his pants pocket and settled up with the bartender. “And call us a cab, Warren, no way I’m letting this one drive.”
    “Sure thing, Mia,” Warren said.

  3. Great ideas don’t seem to happen by planning. They are spontaneous and full of shared enthusiasm. However as people are coming to realize, it isn’t the ideas but the realities they bring into existence that are important. That’s where shared enthusiasm, accountability and responsibility come in. “What a great idea!” becomes dud if no one took ownership of it nor helped to move it along. There’s always the story of the “Little Red Hen” though ….

  4. The persimmons are plentiful this year. What can I do with the rest? I have already sent 12 boxes to friends and relatives in the Mid-West and the East Coast. Throwing the extras would be sacrilegious! Ah, yesssss, I will prepare jams out of the ripe ones. The still crispy ones I will make a salad with apples and onions and fresh mint and basil leaves, then I will sprinkle it with Asian dressing.

  5. When we looked around the plot, it didn’t seem much. There were knee length brick walls, where the rooms should have been, and there was evidence of great deal of carpentry going on , on the rough floor. There were wood-shavings and planks of wood everywhere. It was damp from the rain, and the large square holes above the walls blew in rain-soaked wind . It cut through their shirts and made them shiver.
    “This certainly doesn’t seem to be a good idea.” She thought inwardly.
    He was deep in conversation with the “floor manager”. Talking about nitty gritties. What goes where and what shapes up as what.

    He skipped with glee like a boy. Rubbing his hands he exclaimed -“This is a great idea !”

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