A Good Laugh

You need 14 hugs a day. Yeah, read that somewhere. How many good laughs do you need a day? Using your smile muscles affects your mental health. So you probably need an equal number of hugs and laughs. If you know someone who makes you laugh pay them a visit and give them a hug.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “A Good Laugh”

  1. Sophie learned that she had metastatic breast cancer that had now spread to her bones. She learned that in November just before Thanksgiving. It threw her into such despair that she could not take part in the Thanksgiving holiday dinner with her family. She had always made a big fuss and loved holiday celebrations. Sophie’s daughter and son-in-law had divorced earlier that year in the Spring. That was another horrible blow to her since it was so unexpected. She hoped her young adult grandsons and daughter would spend Christmas day with her. This would be her last holiday. Sadly that was not to be. Her former son-in-law was involved with a new woman and her three children. They would spend the holiday together and had invited Sophie’s two grandsons. Her grandsons did not spend her last Christmas dinner with her. Why? Too immature to be able to face up to the situation of impending death? This would be their first experience dealing with death. Who knows? This was more than Sophie could bear. She was completely devastated by their absence. Her heart and soul were broken. Every phone call with her daughter after she learned about her death sentence always ended with her saying, “Life is funny!” She would never have a good laugh again. Ever. She died on March 18th.

  2. Everybody needs a good laugh every once in a while. Laughter is good for the soul and, most definitely, the mind. Here’s something that may bring a smile to your face:
    Q: What do you call a Native American hitchhiker?
    A: An “Indian thumber.”

  3. Over the course of a lifetime I’ve found myself to be the source of a hearty, good laugh among family or friends. It happens because, for them, I seem to be coming out of left field. I don’t always take the expected road to a conclusion or even a random statement. As an earlier APPLE Steve Jobs’ marketing slogan once urged, I “think different.” It took almost the length of that lifetime before I realized this to be the case. In a discussion after I had it figured out, I had occasion to tell the group I was in, “When I was growing up I thought everyone thought the same way I did.” Talk about a good laugh. One woman, normally the quietest in the group, simply guffawed. That cemented things. I now actually like it when I speak what I think is something intelligible and people laugh.

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