When I was a kid I never had bookmarks. I would tear bits of paper from the newspaper or shred a paper napkin to use as a bookmark. Now I collect bookmarks. I have some beautiful ones. Some I love but never use because they are thick – leather or fabric – and bad for the spine of a book. My favorite has a photo of Frida Kahlo at the top and a tassle at the bottom.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Collect”

  1. Yesterday I read this statement by a columnist writing about Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year: “Language is a living thing, prodded to evolve through usage.” Some words haven’t morphed as much as others, but they have morphed somewhat to become metaphorical images. “Collect” is one of them. Until recently things we collected needed physical space for storage. Now important storage is in the cyber-world and Clouds take the place of basements, sheds, vaults, file or display cabinets. Change is definitely the new normal. The data we collect goes to the cloud until needed again. (By the way, 2015’s Word of the Year is the emoji, “Face With Tears of Joy.”).

  2. I can’t recall ever making one, but I had a friend who used to drive her parents crazy because she made them all the time. Collect calls racked up big phone bills. Now they don’t even exist, and the concept of a collect call can’t be fathomed by today’s youth.

  3. The nuns at the Catholic school I attended were fond of saying, “collect your thoughts.” I’m sure we were quite a handful of energetic, overly zealous young students. You don’t hear that said much now. I like the phrase. It’s great advice. My mind is always filled with so many thoughts that I become distracted easily. When I’m under pressure because of a problem this advice helps me to focus better on specifics. I’m able to isolate all the extemporaneous stuff in my head and think more clearly. We all are aware that in today’s world we are inundated with information and it comes at us quickly. We’re overloaded with news and information in general. Everyone needs time to collect their thoughts. Turn off the cell phones, TV, radio, I-Pod, computer and be in tune with nature. Learn to find a way to collect your thoughts in an atmosphere of serenity sitting alone quietly without interruptions. If you can do that outdoors surrounded by nature, that’s ideal.

  4. I collect fountain pens. I’m fascinated by them. The first time I started using a fountain pen was when I was in second grade. I remember learning script writing via the Palmer method, which was a rectangular book containing exercises to help with the flexibility of the wrist for better fluidity in writing. The fountain pen was well suited for this because you didn’t have to press hard on the point to write, and this is one of the reasons I still use a fountain pen today. Funny how it’s tied in to writing, which is another thing I’m passionate about.

  5. Collector.A person who collects.
    Mrs.D was a collector.
    A real hoarder.The type who stashes away old magazines in the hope that one day one would read them all over again.
    She was allotted a bungalow. The steps on the staircase to the roof were piled high with old magazines,medical journals and numerous test papers from the school she taught at. A “raddiwallah’s heaven”(garbage collectors paradise). To access the roof one had to pick one’s way through towering stacks of MIMS/CIMS,readers digests dating from the year of her firstborn (1967).
    Entering her drawing room was akin to have stepped into a museum.Mounted on the wall were mahout’s hook and a horse riding whip,a leather shield and two gilt edged swords,blackened with dirt and age. She took immense pride in her collection and had stories about all of the various knick-knacks. There were a pair of leather boots (jodhpurs)with a pair of evil looking spurs attached to them.They belonged to her inlaws apparently. Two old brocade cushions,meant for a “howdah” ,sat on an ancient carpet on the floor.The zari work blackened and frayed. An ancient grimy” chausar “(chess) set made of cloth, spread on a glass top table.Next to which sat,primly ,a modern chess set made of sparkling glass.
    Her roof was choked with flowerpots and potted plants of numerous varieties.She had a sunshade built of green plastic sheets,to protect them from too much sunshine,and the total effect was that of entering a miniature rain forest,with vines threatening to entwine your hair if you stood there for too long.

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